Functional Ibiza Superfood Blends


The effect that nutrition can have on how you feel is amazing and proper food is extremely powerful against diseases and ailments. It can help to lower your cholesterol and maintain your weight, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, it can have healing potential and put you in a better mood. Therefore choosing a nutrition plan based on Superfoods which have, as an extra bonus, a great sustainable agriculture, is important.

Besides the “regular” Superfoods you can find at your local grocery store there are some more great Superfoods. Superfoods are the most powerful, nutritious, mineral-rich plant foods on Earth. They are essential to optimal health and well-being. Superfoods immediately nourish the brain, bones, muscles, skin, hair, nails, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, reproductive system, pancreas, and most importantly the immune system. In the long-term, Superfoods help correct imbalances as they provide the maximum nutrition available. Consuming Superfoods makes it dramatically easier to achieve ideal weight, diet, and follow healthy food habits. Superfoods are the proverbial fountain of youth.

Ibiza Superfoods now created a range of functional blends for all of you who don’t want to faff around in kitchen for a blend for weight loss or a blend for energy making that morning smoothie. The blends are carefully formulated so each tablespoon contains a therapeutic dose of key ingredients and nutrients.

We now have 4 Ibiza Superfoods blends for you to choose from and they are all organic and designed to support life on this crazy little island we call home.

All blends are on sale at The Workout Club Ibiza. Cost 35E per blend, over 30 servings. TWC-Ibiza members pay 31,50E.


The Skinny Mix – Shape Me! 

Need to kickstart your metabolism after Summer? This is our power protein blend. It is blended with some targeted nutrients such as Iodine, essential in keeping your thyroid healthy. A sluggish thyroid can sometimes be the underlying cause of weight gain (and depression). It’s also blended with Green Tea Extract that contains special compounds called Catechins helping to boost that metabolic rate!

Skinny Mix Pouch


The Disco Mix – Move Me! 

I like to describe this as “Nature’s Redbull” – a great coffee substitute as each tablespoon contains a healthy dose of Guarana which is a natural and steady source of caffeine that increases mental alertness and clarity. It is blended with Baobab, Maca, Acai and Ginseng. It’s provides a rich source of vitamin C that contributes to optimum energy production.

Disco Mix Pouch

The Detox Mix – Revive Me!

Our purifying and alkalising supergreen blend. All the best greens are in this beauty. Spirulina, Moringa, Wheatgrass, Barleygrass and Alfalfa. We also blend it with Milk Thistle helping to give your liver some much needed love after all that summer fun! And remember we buy nothing from China so no cheap & nasty greens here.

Detox Mix Pouch

The Sexy Mix – Excite Me!

A superfood blend for Lovers! This is the newest addition to the range and one for the chocolate lovers. We were lacking something a bit naughty and indulgent. So here it is. A blend of Raw Cacao and Maca together with some of nature’s most potent herbal aphrodisiacs and hint of vanilla bean extract one tablespoon daily to get you in the mood for some LoVe!


Just one tablespoon a day in your daily smoothie will give your body a much needed boost of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and plant-based antioxidants and phytonutrients. We are hoping the blends and their function will help to motivate you towards positive changes and to incorporating nature’s most nutrient-dense foods into your life.

All blends are on sale at The Workout Club Ibiza. Cost 35E per blend, over 30 servings. TWC-Ibiza members pay 31,50E.

Health is Happiness. X