11 ways to start losing weight

You hear that little voice inside your head. I need to lose weight. I must get in shape. Then that other voice pops up that says ”but how do I start? What do I eat? No, I cannot do this”. Here are 11 ways to start losing weight.

1. Start right now!

It is never the right time so you better start now. Find a great coach, get an assessment and get your butt into gear.

2. Plan your training sessions

Commitment is the hardest part so this is what you do. Pay your sessions in advance so the money is gone. Plan each session in your diary. The only excuse for not showing up is an illness.

3. Start your day with warm water and lemon

Trust us when we say this is fantastic for you. There are many articles out there which explain the benefits so we will not bother you with that right now.

4. Drink loads of water

I had a really hard time drinking enough. In the beginning I was running to the toilet every 5 minutes. Trust me this will pass. Now for the uncomfortable topic…your pee must be light yellow. Not to yellow or too white. Then you know roughly you had a sufficient amount of water.

5. Don’t diet just plan your meals

Start by marking one day of the week with a big red cross. That is your free meal. Eat and drink what you like on that day. (Keep it in moderation of course).  The other 6 days, plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Use that planning to do your groceries.

6. Keep your meal portions small

You all know the feeling that you are stuffed after a great meal. But because you love your mom’s chicken so much, you take another plate. (This always happens to me)

7. Visualize

Don’t worry, I will not lecture you about aligning chakra points. Or how thinking positive will magically change your body. But we do believe in the power of visualisation. Think every day in extreme detail how you would like to look. This process will only take 2 minutes right before you go to sleep and will drag you through hard times.

8. Sleep is a powerful tool

Your body needs to rest. And yes, your mom uses to tell you this but it’s true. You need at least 8 hours of sleep. Your body will regenerate and you will be full of energy the next day.

9. Steady slow cardio

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All you read about is high intensity or HITT training, sprints or do push-ups until you throw up. Well, all these training methods have their place. It does not mean that is the only thing you do just because it’s a trend.

Just start by walking the dog a little longer. Take the bike instead of the car. Go on walks with your spouse. Trust me, they will love you for it. Just start moving more. It will make a huge difference, that’s a promise.

10. Lift weight.

Before you start a riot girl, you will not get big legs or arms. Resistance training will tone you up. You will look firm and before you know it you will have hoards of people who would like to take you on a date.

11. Train in a group

Group training has so many benefits. In our small group training sessions we see friendships emerge. Accountability, because your group members we refer to as family, will drag you out of bed. It is social, fun and you meet new people who are on the same boat as yourself.

Here you have it, our 11 ways for you to start losing weight. Start now, keep these pointers in mind and you are well on your way to having the body of a god. We trust in you. Now you have to put some trust in yourself.

P.S. If you live in Ibiza, we will take you in detailed step by step programs through these 11 points.

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