21 Day Fitness Kickstart Program for E29,50 (25E partner deal)

Have you been looking for a good reason to kickstart your fitness?  

A reason to transform your body, your movement and your mind to get in the best shape of your life? In short; a kickstart to fit and fabulous?

What if the reason is a FUN 21-day program which takes less time than 45-minutes per training session?

Work on:

  • Killer abs, toned arms, strong legs, beautiful butt
  • A mindset to achieve any goal in life
  • Confidence and positive lifestyle changes

Click below and let’s get Fit and Fabulous!

29,50 E per person or bring a friend and pay 25E each.

“It's never the right time to start, so you'd better start now!”

“It takes 21 days of healthy eating and working out and it will become a habit…”

So how are you going to do that, huh?

We are your motivators who get you out of bed to work out. We teach you techniques to gain the same results in 45-minutes training sessions rather than lonely hours on boring fitness machines in the gym. Bring the FUN elements in!

We show you an easy-to-follow nutrition system and help you understand that starving diets are crazy, don’t work and are unhealthy.  

During this 3 weeks you should expect to:

Meet new training buddies  for extra support and fun

Have more knowledge about nutrition and how to prep your meals

Build more confidence

Understand that starvation diets not work

Be able to live your life to the fullest

Tone your LAAA (Legs - Ass - Arms - Abs)

Get rid of unwanted pounds

Gain more energy, sleep better, lower stress levels, increase your strength, have better posture

Experience positive lifestyle changes, contributing to a fit and healthy lifestyle

What can you expect these 28 days?

What people say about The Workout Club Ibiza...

I started training with TWC-Ibiza last fall it was post baby number 2 and I needed to get my mojo and my body back in shape. As an all year round resident and someone living locally in Talamanca it was ideal. The setting, personal attention and also opportunity to meet great people really made it the perfect way to exercise.

Sheradene Rose | Freelance women's wear designer & consultant

Femke Keuter | Asset Manager

Dear TWC-Ibiza team, thank you for the good planning and perfect workouts! Although I was on my 2 week holiday, I enjoyed the personal training every time. Even at 6.30hrs.I am very happy with all the pointers that were given during my training, I will definitely use this when I am back in Amsterdam. See you next time on the Island!! xoxo Femke

It’s the most fun I’ve ever had training and I’ve already noticed a difference in my fitness and strength. It’s brilliant that there’s loads of variety in the sessions – so far I’ve done everything from squats and deadlifts to TRX, kettle bells, sprinting, burpies and the battle rope. Before joining TWC-Ibiza, I was terrible at motivating myself to exercise.The trainers are awesome.

Mike Blackburn | Vice President Ibiza Club de Rugby

Joan Sala Matra | Ibiza Spotlight

Elly Earls | Freelance Writer

MY GREAT EXPERIENCES NEED AN A4 SIZE PAPER TO HAVE THEM ALL WRITTEN DOWN! Thanks to you guys, I've stopped eating crap. I have realised how my body needs exercise, how my mind is feeling great, how my day to day chores go smoothly, .... I will not be able to thank you enough for making me realise the importance of exercise and the right nutrition! Big hugs to the super family!

It is hard to imagine any other fitness club with greater passion for what they believe in and what they stand for. Passion is matched by knowledge and understanding of the body and how it responds to exercise and physical conditioning. Being responsible for the conditioning of a team of rugby players presents some exceptional challenges.  The result of TWC's hard work was to provide the players with a deep reservoir of fitness enabling them to perform their individual skills under great physical pressure taking the team to the league finals of the Federacion de Rugby Balear 2013/14 season. 

“Never allow waiting to become an habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.” 

We'd like to offer you this program for only 29,50 Euros. Or bring a friend and pay even less, 25 Euros per person!! That’s only about 8 euros per week!

Plus, we throw in 3 AWESOME BONUSES to help you get even greater results:


Bonus #1: 3-week Meal Plan

This plan is designed to give you the fastest sustainable results in the simplest way possible.Trust us…IT WORKS!

Bonus #2: 'Your Daily Morning Routine' video 

A video with exercises you can do at home. Make this your daily routine for 3 minutes to keep your body healthy and mobile. When your body is strong and resilient, any training program we throw at you will be an easier task.

Bonus #3: Tools to work on your mindset

With the right mindset you are able to accomplish all goals in life. We show you some simple tools to succeed. The power is YOURS!

It's never the right time to start so you'd better start now! Make sure you sign up today and start your journey to Fit and Fabulous tomorrow.

If you follow our proven program, we can guarantee you RESULTS.

  • Group Training sessions (3 per week 9 in total) 
  • Fun, challenging and efficient 45-minute workouts on a location, time and day that suits your schedule
  • TWC-Ibiza's Meal Plan and Food Manual
  • TWC Ibiza’s daily morning routine’ video
  • A fitness test and success session
  • Support from like-minded family members
  • Unlimited WhatsApp and email support 
  • Discount at Cafe Bondi and on nutrition products such as Superfoods and FITSHE protein
  • Access to the members only Facebook group 
  • Tools for mindset
  • An easy to follow nutrition plan
  • The best of TWC-Ibiza coaching and accountability
  • And much more

This may very well be challenging, but it WILL be rewarding.

Not completely sure yet? We understand because it's not easy to take the first step to a new fitness program. So let us share what perks come with your 21-Day to kickstart your fitness program.

When and Where?

Talamanca beach

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Timeslots: 8.30-9.15 | 9.30-10.15

Santa Eulalia beach and Siesta park

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Timeslot: 18.30-19.15

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Timeslot: 9.30-10.15

San Antonio, fitness playground

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Timeslots: 09.30-10.15

Every Monday, Wednesday

Timeslot: 20.00-20.45

Botafoch, fitness playground

Every Tuesday, Thursday

Timeslot: 21.00-21.45

*Timeslots changes along the season.  

You don’t have to starve yourself and exercise for too many boring hours to get amazing results. 

Click a button below and let’s kickstart your fitness to Fit and Fabulous!

It's never the right time to start so you'd better start now! Make sure you sign up today and start your journey to Fit and Fabulous tomorrow.

29,50E per person or bring a friend and pay 25E each.

Are you ready to Kickstart your fitness to fit and fabulous?

We realize you have many choices available when it comes to fitness. This is why we invite you to try out this program with no risk and no obligation. We believe that letting someone try our programs first is fair because we are confident in what we're delivering. If you aren’t satisfied with what we are offering, just let us know within 7 days of starting this program and we'll refund you every penny.