4 Things you should do to get control over the power of your mind

Are you stuck in your mind? Did you read all the mindset books but you could not get the desired results? Then this simple system might be for you.

What to choose

There are loads of concepts on mindset out there. You have NLP, The Secret, vision boards and everything in between. All have their place. But for some reason you need a simple system to reach any goal that you might pursue. It can be fitness or life goals, the concepts are the same.

It all starts in your mind

What worked miracles for me and all our personal training clients is this very simple method. Every morning write down positive little sentences like: Today I am going to kill it at work. The time to close that client is now. Remember, keep it simple. One is more than enough. What will happen you will program your brain to succeed? You feed it a story and your brain will do nothing else than create that story in real life.

The succes failure mechanism

“All very nice” I hear you thinking, “but how does this work?” I had the same question so I just tried it. I started to allow only positive thoughts in my brain and I vividly imagined how the day would go in the morning.This is what happens in the brain. Our brain has two mechanisms. There are more but to keep it simple we will talk about only two.

1. Your biological mechanism

This mechanism in the brain takes care of your vital functions. It makes your heart beat and it sends signals to move your muscular system.

2. The success failure mechanism

It is a strange one. You can not point it out and it deals a lot with your thought process. You could see it as your inner narrative, or your inner voice. The strange thing about this mechanism is that it can not tell the difference between fiction and reality. What you feed in to the system becomes an instant reality.

A true story

When I was a kid, I did not like to go to school. I did everything in my power not to go. My mum always saw through my deception. She always knew when I was not telling the truth. Moms are great at that, they carried you for 9 months so they know every inch of your behaviour.

One day I really got into trouble at school and I knew that I was not going to go that day. I was so determined and I subconsciously engraved a goal in my mind. I remember that i was lying in bed and thinking the only way I could stay at home was by being sick.

So I started to imagine how I felt when I was seriously ill. Every detail of being sick was planted and fed into my success failure mechanism. After a couple of hours I was really feeling ill. My temperature rose and I was truly feeling miserable. My mom came to my room to see what was taking me so long and when she saw me and put her hand against my forehead she said “you are sick, you are staying in”

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Could this work the other way around?

We all have loads of experience with the failure part of the mechanism. You all know when you get out of bed and you say this will be a shitty day at my shitty job. What happens? Your job is shit. When you think about your money problems and that you never will get out of them, guess what? You stay poor and in debt. Even when you try to lose weight and you say that it is very hard to keep a healthy nutrition system and that it takes to much time. You will never lose a gram.

But what if you only feed positive thoughts in your mechanism. Could it be that the outcome will be different? All I can say that we try to feed positive thoughts into our system. And the result is that we build The Workout Club Ibiza a thriving business and an Ibiza lifestyle for ourselves. We set the standard high and we play to win. That is what we do on a daily basis.


This is what you must do to turn your life around:

1. Every evening write down one positive mantra for the next day.
2. When you are in bed, vividly imagine how your life should be. In extreme detail.
3. During the day think positive. Everything is going to be fantastic.
4. Be kind to your fellow man. This is a topic for a future blog post but try to do something great for a friend or a stranger on a daily basis.

Now I dare you for 21 days just to do these 3 things and share with us what happens to you!

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