5 Exercises to get a killer bum

Is your bum not what it was in your early days? Is it now time to do something about it? Kickstart the resurrection of your stunning behind with these exercises. All you need is 3 hours a week of training, determination and a strong will to change. Do you have what it takes? Then let’s begin:)

1. The Deadlift

The eadlift is what we call a full compound exercise. That means that you workout only the bum but all the big muscle groups at the same time. Start slow and get some good instruction before you go heavy. Because heavy is what you need to lift your butt cheeks.

2. The T Reach

You can do this exercise easily at home Al you do is stretch your left arm and your right leg out until you form a Take a look at the video for a precise instruction. Enjoy the muscle ache afterwards.

3. Elevate knee Mule Kick

This is my favourite bum exercise. Because your knees are 2 cm from the floor. This gives extra tension on your supporting leg. Make sure to keep the leg that you kick back to 90 degrees. So your sole will point to the sky..

4. Hip bridges

You will love this exercise. The aim again is to make sure that you start quickly with the weighted variation to have some serious results. This exercise will make your bum lift. Don’t be afraid you will not build a lot of muscle.

5. The Crawl

This beautiful exercise is not only for your bum but it will connect your upper body and lower body, which will enhance your movement and mobility. The crawl can be very challenging when done for long periods. It will be a great addition to your bum lifting quest.

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An example program:

Before you start any exercise program make sure that you have clearance from a medical professional. A program would look something like this

Regular warm up
Crawls 10 forward 10 backwards x 3
Deadlift 24 kg 8 x 3
Leg raises Left 10 back 10 side x 3
Right 10 back 10 side x 3
Elevated knee mule kick 10 left 10 right x 3
Weighted hip bridge 10 x 3

Do all exercises back to back so first the crawls, then the Deadlifts, etc and repeat the set 3 times. Feel free to adjust the numbers to your fitness level. Above is just an example.

The bum of your dreams

So there you have it. The blueprint to building the bum of your dreams. We know you can do it and if you are stuck or need a push in the back, you know where to find us. We will come to your aid with lightning speed.

P.S. If you need personal guidance, please take a look at our Online Personal Training option. You can train in the comfort of your own gym or just at home with access to your personal trainer whenever you need him.

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