5 ways to lose weight for your Ibiza Holiday

There are many diets, fitness trends and training programs out there. Where do you start? In this post we would love to share 5 ways to kickstart your weight loss and get you swimsuit ready for your holiday to Ibiza. Are you ready to change?


Goal setting is one of the most important goals. If you don’t know where you are heading, reaching your fitness goals will be very hard. Get your end goal in clear sight and start working from point A to point B

Resistance training

When you train in a gym or outdoors, make sure that you incorporate weight training in your program. A personal trainer can create a program for you with resistance training and sufficient cardiovascular training to switch your body into fat burn modus


It is very hard to find a system in the jungle of diets that are out there today. If we can give you a few tips about nutrition, it will be these:

Drink plenty of water at least 3 liter a day. Avoid sugar and processed food throughout the week. Allow yourself a cheat day in the weekend. And try to minimize white bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes.

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If you decide to train 3 times a week. Stick to that. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Stick to the plan for 21 days and you will fly to your goals.


When you are very serious about losing weight, get a personal trainer or coach. The trainer will push you beyond your limits. You will hate that person. But it will get you faster to your weight loss goals.

Here you have it. The information in this blog post is not new. It is not a big secret, and there is no magic pill. You just have to do it. So get out of your chair and start at point 1.

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