6 Ab exercises for people who hate Sit Ups in Ibiza

When we think about abs we think about hundreds of crunches a day. Some people love it but the majority of us just hates them. The other thing is that crunches can hurt the lower back and neck when performed with bad form. That’s why I would love to share 6 different ab exercises with you. Before you start, make sure that you have no injuries. If you do, get a doctor’s clearing first. Let’s do this.

1 The Hanging Leg Raise

Hang from a bar or a set of Olympic rings, arms straight. Keep your shoulders in their sockets, don’t hyperextend. Raise your knees to your chest and lower them again. Squeeze your bum at all times.

2 The Plank

Lay on your underarms and toes. Create one line from your ears to your ankles and tense not only your abs and bum but every muscle fiber in your body. Breathe shallow and hold it for time.

3 Ab Roll-out

Use an ab-wheel or a barbell with small weights. Start on your knees with the wheel in front of you. Round your shoulders in the top position to protect your lower back when you roll out. Roll out as far as you can and bring the wheel back to your knees.

4 The Front Squat

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I hear you think, ‘Squats, we are training abs right?’. Just try it in an ab-set and you are a true believer. Use a heavy Kettlebel or Dumbell and hold it in one arm. Upper arm glued to your ribcage. Squat to 90 degrees, if you are more flexible past 90 degrees, known as ‘ass to grass’. Stand tall and tense your whole body for the entire time.

5 The Tactical Pull Up

Hang from a bar, rings or a rope with your arms stretched. Shoulders in their sockets. Straighten your legs and two feet close together. Assume the hollow position. Pull up until your chin is above your hands. Lower yourself and repeat.

6 The Farmer Walk

Take a heavy Kettlebell, barbell, Dumbell or a heavy suitcase. Stand next to it. Pick it off the floor by bending your knees 45 degrees and hinge your hip back. Your back is straight and your shoulders are pushed away from your ears. Visualize pushing the floor away instead of standing up. Now squeeze your armpits as if you are crushing something. Shoulders away from your ears and just walk. Put it down and walk back with the weight on the other side.

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