7 things to do to stay motivated for training

Some things are easier said than done. Just get out of bed every morning your personal trainer says to you day after day. Eat clean and no sugar, that’s what we trainers preach. But the reality is, we are human with doubts, insecurities, and lack of motivation. These 7 things work for me and I hope they will work for you. Are you ready to rumble..?

1. Just say fuck it!

Excuse my language but this is not to offend you. This is what I do when I need to do something. I scream at the top of my lungs “fuck it” while looking in the mirror. “Fuck it, I’ll go and do my kettlebell swings now.” For me, I can channel all my negative feelings of that moment and put them into the iron kettlebell. Trust me, you feel great afterwards. And the good thing is you did your workout.

2. Plan ahead

I know it sounds silly but when I block the time in my busy schedule for training, I seem to do it. Three times a week, an alarm in my phone goes off and this is the text that pops up. “Fuck It. Time for your training. The rest can wait. The world will keep on turning when you do this now for 45 mins.”
After 30 days, this is such a routine that I even start to look forward to my ME time.

3. Get a training buddy

My training buddy is David. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday we just put in our busy schedule to train together. We work hard but we also have loads of laughs. We catch up, gossip a little and we truly get a proper workout done. It is a great way to meet your friends. So get your training buddy. If you can not find one, just join us..;)

4. Don’t force things

The fuck it philosophy really changed my outlook of the world. When you don’t feel like training, let it be. Don’t get obsessed too much with the fact that you did nothing. Your body probably needed the well-deserved rest anyway.  Do some low cardio activity instead. Go for a walk or jump on a bike, swim. Do something active and you will be fine.

5. Keep it short and effective

Don’t try to bash 2 hours in the gym just because people say it’s good for you. Are you competing in the next Ironman challenge? No? Then keep it simple. This is how one medium training day would look:

Warm up/movement prep

Turkish GetUp left + 3 Pull-ups
Turkish GetUp Right 6 Pull-ups
Turkish GetUp left + 9 Pull-ups
Turkish Get Up Right 9 Pull-ups
Turkish GetUp left + 6 Pull-ups
Turkish GetUp Right 3 Pull-up floor presses 20 kg 5 x 3
Military Press double 20 kg x 3

Kettlebell swing 10 x 10

And hit the road again. Training time 35 minutes if we don’t chat too much. Could you maintain 3 times a week with a tough Workout of 1.5 hours.? No, you could not. In this way you keep it doable while you work your whole body. I love the Russian wave cycle that consists of a light, medium and a heavy day. This you can keep up for the rest of your life…

6. Sleep is a weapon

This is a blog post by itself. And while I write this, I am guilty as charged for going to bed too late sometimes. I know the importance of sleep. You feel better, perform better and it will do magic for your mood and will power. Let’s go to bed early..:)

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7. Keep peace in your mind

I scare myself about the words I am using right now. I am not going to make you meditate. All I am saying is that you end a working day. Spend some time with family and friends. Turn off your damn phone, and peace will emerge right in front of you. Speaking of meditating, if you love that, then this is for you.
There you have it. The conclusion is to say Fuck It more often, go to bed early, keep your training programs simple and effective and love your neighbour. Then the motivation will stay for many years to come
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