Core Values 

The important things we live and work by

What Do We Stand For?

Leading, results driven, revolutionary and quality programs, a healthy lifestyle, excellent service and products, a safe environment and family-like community for clients and staff.

Vision of TWC-Ibiza

The Workout Club Ibiza’s vision is to help improve the quality of life by providing quality and results driven outdoor training and nutrition programs for people from all walks of life.

Mission of TWC-Ibiza

The Workout Club Ibiza provides high quality, revolutionary and results driven outdoor training where people can exercise, meet new friends, reach their goals and build confidence. Nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are one of the key pillars of a person’s life. We strive to educate people from of all walks of life to take care of body and mind.

We are committed to be excellent in service to our clients and assist them in achieving their (fitness) goals and we help maximise the value of their membership, we give our staff an opportunity to achieve their career goals and we provide a safe environment for both clients and staff.

Things we live and work by

Deliver outstanding service

We strive to offer outstanding service for our clients. We stand for every individual doing something that’s above and beyond what’s expected and that whatever one does, it must have an emotional impact on the receiver. We like to leave you with a feeling of WOW. We expect every employee of The Workout Club Ibiza to deliver WOW!

Embrace life and stimulate change

Life is a precious gift of nature and we cherish life. That’s why in our core values we try to educate people from all walks of life how to take care of body and mind. Everybody can change when they are guided and motivated to reach their goals in fitness and health and finally, in life.

Open, honest and transparent

Being open, honest and transparent in communication as well as in actions are important values for us. We are always open to feedback and improvement and we will always strive for a win-win situation.

Build long lasting relationships

We believe that when you like to reach a (fitness) goal you need to set this goal for a longer period of time. It is our responsibility to guide you to your (fitness) goals and that’s why we commit to a long lasting relationship with our clients.

Inspire, motivate and bring happiness

As your personal coach we see it as an obligation to inspire and motivate you. When people are happy they have more energy and they accomplish far more things in their lives. That’s why we share happiness.

Pursue growth and education

We strive to educate our clients about movements, proper posture and the benefits of being strong as well as our coaches and staff to grow as a person. We assist clients in achieving their (fitness) goals and we give our staff an opportunity to make the most out of their career.

Sharing is caring 

One of the things Marisa, one of our founders, always says “sharing is caring”. We will support people in need through various charity projects, we will help young entrepreneurs reach their goals, we will share our knowledge and we’ll educate children in schools about the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Building a family-like community

The Workout Club is a family. We want to create an environment that is safe, friendly and warm. Everybody, both clients and staff of TWC-Ibiza, watch over each other and care for each other with mutual respect.

Be passionate

We are passionate about helping people reaching their (fitness) goals and improving their quality of life. We like to share this passion with you so that you can keep on going, even when it is hard sometimes.

Love life

We love life in every way and we like to enjoy life to the fullest. So be fit, live your life, be happy and inspire others to do the same.