Diary of a personal trainer in Ibiza: Coach Marjolein

We love to introduce personal trainer and talented TWC Ibiza coach Marjolein. This is her first Diary and we hope you will be inspired by her words. Meet Coach Marjolein.


My big Goal

Ok guys. It’s a wrap. I have set a huge goal for this winter season.  I am leaving my beloved Ibiza for a full week of training in Thailand.  And by training, i mean serious training. Four  hours every day to master Muay Thai. I am going to be sore, i am going to be destroyed and i will have to start preparing now to be able to cope with this as from NOW!

Facing my challenge

So let’s go back to the reason why i am  facing this challenge. I started training at TWC-Ibiza in November 2014. After my pregnancy,  I gained a lot of weight and I was really wanting to become  fit. At that time I had no clue how life changing this  decision was.


By the time it was April I had lost over 20 centimetres on my hips, dropped 2 sizes of jeans and was getting back  into shape. I was so impressed by this it made me realise I would love to  help other people to reach  the same results. So during  one of the small group sessions I  dropped the line:

“I am thinking about getting my  personal training license”.

Life changing, as coach Virgil started to motivate me to reach this goal too. So there  I went: studied like hell  during the busy summer, passed the exams  with flying colours and well…. .after a month’s internship at TWC-Ibiza, I became one of the coaches. Another goal achieved.


And you know, setting a goal and actually reaching it, is such an amazing thing to  do. It gives you self confidence, it makes you push yourself,  believe in yourself and it  gives you a certain pride that  nothing else does.

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So for me  it felt that I needed to set a new one. And trust me, a lot of goals passed through my thoughts before this Muay Thai thing came up. It’s serious strength and  conditioning and i am so not ready for it yet! But: I WILL DO THIS! By myself, and with a little help from  Sascha and Virgil.

Coach Sascha and Coach Marjolein


I’m here to help you

So during the coming months, I will keep  you updated about my journey towards the real journey to Thailand. The ups and the downs; everything. In the meantime I am dying to  help you guys to set some goals for this year. So feel free to jump on me (not literally please) and  let’s make this a life changing winter for all of us! !

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