Diary of a Personal Trainer in Ibiza: Episode 1

We love to share all the adventures we have whilst running TWC-Ibiza, our personal training business in Ibiza. There are funny, inspiring and motivating stories that we think you will enjoy. Let’s go with the first episode of a personal trainer in Ibiza.

Great Hotel you stay in!

In the summer season everything changes in Ibiza. Beautiful people emerge and the island transforms into the epic centre of dance lovers and sun worshippers. Some people even stay for a couple of months. Such is the case with one of our personal training clients, Amy.

The Office

Our office in Ibiza Town is buzzing with activity. The beating heart of the TWC-Ibiza organisation is where everything starts. Requests come in and the planning of 5 coaches is done from there. That day I received a request from the office to meet a new client. All we knew was where she lived and that she was an older lady. So off I went.


A huge house

To find a house in Ibiza that you have never been to can be a pain. There are no road signs and the directions are always like this:

“Drive 200 mtrs until you see a tree with a heart sign, turn left and after 300 mtrs you will find a blue rock go up that road etc.”

Finally I arrived at this stunning big gate. With a pounding heart I rang the doorbell. A Spanish lady asked “si?”, and in my best Spanish I said that I had come to train a client. The gate started to open, and in front of me there was a beautiful road surrounded by gardens and hills as far as the eye could see. After 4 minutes I reached a couple of bungalows. One of the staff members gave me a friendly welcome, and said “I will inform the senora that you are here.”

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The first meeting

After a couple of minutes an older lady walked towards me. The first thing she said after greeting me was, “welcome. My name is Amy and I fired the last two trainers because I knew more then them. I hope you do better.” You can imagine my heart started to pound a lot faster in my chest. To make small talk I started complimenting the beautiful place she was staying. And then it came out of my mouth. “Great hotel you are staying in.” She stopped walking and looked at me, surprised, then burst out laughing. My heart started to pound a lot harder; all my senses were screaming something is terribly wrong now. After a while she stopped laughing and told me that this was her house. I was sure I was going to lose this client because of my stupid remark. Of course, this was not a hotel. I know all the hotels!


The Training

The training started and we had a great time. I showed her our training system and our simple approach to fitness and nutrition, and she loved it. Years later we still train Amy on a regular basis when she is in her house in Ibiza. Every now and then she reminds me of our first meeting especially when she has her friends over. It always puts a smile on my face.

P.S. If you are over for your holiday and you’d like us to come and help you stay in shape, feel free to book your personal training session. And if you are not in Ibiza but would still like to experience our training system, check out our Online Personal Training service. We will bring a little bit of Ibiza to you!

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