Five easy ways to power up your nutrition

At The Workout Club Ibiza we help people reach their fitness goals, but reaching your fitness goals is not only about exercising itself and having the looks that you want. You need to eat good nutrition if you want to live a happy and healthy life. It gives you the energy you need to reach your goals and keeps the doctor away. Some say “health is wealth’ and we can only agree with this.

In this blog post we provide you with five ways to power up your nutrition


1. Your local grocery store is overflowing with some of the most under-utilized products and bursting with super ingredients that may do everything from lowering your blood sugar, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure to fighting cancer and boosting your fat burning. These foods may not be on your radar of foods to eat, but they should be! Examples of these superfoods are: turnips, onions, all kinds of berries, cauliflower, avocado, flax seeds, kale, spinach, fennel and walnuts.


2. With a blender or juicer you make healthy, nutritious, low-sugar smoothies and juices in no-time. Nothing should be held back and there are no rules when combining ingredients. A smoothie, packed with protein and nutrients in the morning is a great start of the day and can provide you with all you need in one single serving.


3. Follow the Rainbow Diet. Eat as many different colours of fruits and vegetables as you can. Veggies and fruits will provide you with all you need such as vitamins, fibre and minerals so that you are able to live a healthy lifestyle and yes, so that you look fit on the Ibiza beaches too! 😉

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4. If you want to live a healthy life you must minimize foods from a bag, tin or a box. Breakfast cereals, (pre-packaged) processed foods, noodle-soups (soup that taste like duck without duck in it can’t be good), snacks and sweets should be removed from your nutrition. These foods contain sugar, trans fats, chemicals and preservatives.


5. Don’t eat foods with strange ingredient names you don’t know. In addition to the names for sugar, packaged foods also contain many curious ingredient names because of the food dyes and preservatives that have been added to so many processed foods. How about Maltodextrin? Don’t eat it!

Combine these ways to power up your nutrition with working out 3 times per week and we guarantee you will reach your fitness goals in no time!

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