We put a huge focus on posture and proper spine alignment so you will move better and prevent, or get rid of, nagging injuries. We use breathing and strength concepts  and combine this with HIIT and weight training.
We combine High Intensity Interval Training which increases your endurance, burns body fat and improves your overall well-being, and resistance training will make you stronger, increase your metabolic function and reduce your risk of injury. And, of course, it shapes and structures your muscles and therefore you will get that beautiful tone.
If you would like to read more about the TWC Ibiza training principles follow the link: https://twc-ibiza.com/training-system/
A typical workout at The Workout Club Ibiza always starts with a dynamic warm up. We don’t like to waste time so we combine strength and warm up exercises into one. Thewarm-upp is already a workout on its own. Your heart rate will go up and you’ll get prepared for exercise, both physically and mentally.
After the warm up we always start with the strength part of the session. We want you to be relatively fresh when you are building your strength. The conditioning part comes after the strength training and we end with a cooling down to bring your heart rate back to normal again and to give your muscles the time to relax. You will already become stronger in the first two weeks of your training.
Yes! 80% of changing the way you look and feel comes down to your nutrition. Therefore we show you simple nutrition plans that works and coach you on your way to make better nutrition choices.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is not always enough anymore these days and an extra multivitamin is always useful.
Besides a multivitamin we also advise Krill Oil which is 48 times stronger and normal omega fish oil. As third we advice a good protein with extra magnesium after training. Your body deserves quality nutrition to aid its recovery and maximise the effect of your workout.

True. And therefore an crucial aspect of the way we work is to coach you when it comes to mindset. With the right mindset you can conquer the world and reach all your goals in life. We always say “start with baby steps and work to long term results” Let us guide you…

We believe that time is precious. That’s why in our conditioning programs we make use of the High Intensity Interval Training, often used by professional athletes. This form of exercise is not only time efficient and highly effective, it can easily be integrated without any equipment at all.
HIIT involves brief but intense bursts of activity alternated with a brief rest or ‘recovery’ period, and repeated a number of times. HIIT increases your endurance, burns body fat and improves your overall well-being.

Within one Group Personal Training session our coaches are trained to cater different levels of fitness at once. Therefore the programs are for all levels and physically and mentally challenging, yet fun and motivating.

In Yoga it’s not about levels and you work following your own level. In the Group Personal Training programs our coaches are trained to teach three levels at the same time.

This is depending on the injury and approval your doctor. We have a specialized team of trainers and we do coach clients after surgeries and health issues. We are happy to assess you to determine your coordination, mobility, stability, flexibility and overall body fitness.

Before your first day begins you’ll receive an confirmation email from the TWC-Ibiza office team with all the info you’ll need.

Bring a towel, water and a smile and wear workout attire that isn’t too loose-fitting on your first day so that the coach can best perform his/her initial assessment of your current fitness level. When training on a hard floor it could be handy to bring training gloves to protect your hands.

When you start training at The Workout Club Ibiza we always schedule an assessment with you and a coach, prior to the first session. During this 15-minute session we assess you short. This initial assessment is simply a seven-exercise fitness test to determine your coordination, mobility, stability, flexibility and overall body fitness. All this is so that you train safe. We find this test important because it screens for potential problems and weakness in your body.  When the test indicates a demand such as pain in the joints or muscles, our medical team including a physical therapist, a chiropractor and an osteopath, are there to assist you. Because we work closely with the medical specialists we will ensure a safe training environment so that you can focus on results and your specific goals.

We want you to get the most out of your fitness program and, therefore, you and your coach can go over your goals and set up your personal plan for success!

It is important for your safety, and we can better help you reach your fitness goals, if we have all your information up to date.

No, you don’t need to sign up for a whole year. We do have 1, 6 and 12-month packages. The longer you sign up for, the more discount we can offer you.

This is all depending on your goals, wishes and the time you can commit to it. You will get the best results if you can commit to at least 6 months. We are happy to schedule a success session with you and one of TWC-Ibiza’s coaches to discuss with you in person.

Yes, if it is difficult for you to commit to 2-3 times per week training, if you travel a lot or if you are a holidaymaker, you can purchase drop-in packages.

The TWC Ibiza office will keep an eye on your sessions and will let you know when your bought sessions are finished so that you can purchase new sessions.

Have a look at prices and buy your drop-ins here:


One extra note: We do not recommend drop-in packages if you live in Ibiza and want to reach some serious goals. Our experience shows that with drop-in sessions, the commitment and accountability is less. If you are one of those people who needs a kick on the butt every now and then, and needs someone to drag them out of bed to train, choose a monthly subscription for that extra push to reach your goals.

As extra bonus we includes lots of extras within the packages such as:

  • You will learn everything about healthy eating
  • Assessment and success sessions, You have the chance to meet with your coach whenever you need it.
  • Unlimited access to your coaches and the TWC office team via WhatsApp, email and text.
  • Meet new people in the fun and FREE bonus workouts
  • An easy to follow nutrition plan
  • Member appreciation events
  • E-books and other great stuff to read
  • Access to seminars and workshops with a discount
  • Discounts on nutrition products such as Ibiza Superfoods, FITSHE protein, and member deals at local businesses across the island
  • Access to the members only Facebook group
  • Coaching and accountability from the TWC Ibiza team as well as link-minded family members
  • Get a mindset of a successful person, be able to achieve anything you want in life
  • Learn Spanish or English because the TWC Groups are for all nationalities
  • Become more confident

Yes. When it is difficult for you to commit to 2-3 times per week training, when you travel a lot or when you are a holidaymaker, you can purchase drop-in packages.

The TWC Ibiza office will keep an eye on your sessions and will let you know when your bought sessions are finished so that you can purchase new sessions.

Have a look at prices and buy your drop-ins here:


On an extra note: We do not recommend drop-in packages when you live in Ibiza and like to reach some serious goals. Our experience shows that with drop-in sessions the commitment and accountability is less. If you are one of those persons who needs a kick on the butt every now and then and needs someone who drag them out of bed to train, choose a monthly subscription for that extra push to reach your goals.

At our Group Personal Training programs, like-minded people support each other and all workout together on a general program for common fitness goals. This fun yet challenging program is designed to deliver fast results in minimal time by using high-intensity, strength and functional training. It helps to reach goals such as; weight loss, toning of the body, dropping body fat percentage, getting stronger and speeding up the energy level. Other benefits are contributing to a fit and healthy lifestyle, building more confidence and enabling you to live your life to the fullest. In short; transforming you to look & feel good!

Yes. We offer Personal Training for residents in monthly subscriptions and for holidaymakers we offer single sessions.

If you’d like to train on your own chosen location, dates and times, and if you prefer 1-on-1 training sessions instead of training in a group, Personal Training is something for you. Together with your coach you can discuss your fitness goals and a personalised program, designed to your own specific fitness goals, will be tailor made for you.  Of course, you also benefit from all the extra perks.

If you like training in groups but also appreciate having that extra personal attention of a coach during a private session, we have our Personal Training Small Group sessions with a maximum of 5 individuals.

With Personal Training in small groups you have the benefits of 1-on-1 training and coaching but while training in a fun group with a maximum of 5 individuals who will support and motivate each other. The sessions are held on fixed days and times and scheduled on several locations in Ibiza. If you have friends who would like to join you, from 3 persons per session you can schedule your own group.

Yes! We offer Pop-Up yoga classes on different locations in Ibiza, the whole year throughout. Follow the link to stay updates about where Yoga Pops up: https://www.facebook.com/groups/497021537171743/?fref=ts

All other info about TWC Ibiza yoga you can read here: https://twc-ibiza.com/yoga/

To schedule your private Yoga and Pilates sessions, send an email to info@twc-ibiza, call us on +34 637 774 683 (Monday to Friday between 9.00-10.00 or 15.30-16.30 hrs), WhatsApp us or chat with us on Facebook messenger 24/7.

Yes. At The Workout Club Ibiza we believe that exercise is not only to get the body in shape. We believe in the triangle of body, mind and energy and therefore we support the combination of fitness and Yoga or Pilates.

We offer Pop-Up Yoga sessions across the island. You can join in wherever you like and pay as you go.

Have a look at the Yoga On Ibiza Facebook group for all info and Pop-Up classes:


Or read more about TWC Ibiza yoga here: https://twc-ibiza.com/yoga/

Yes, we are happy to train you via our Online training programs or when you are in Ibiza drop in at our Group Personal Training locations or book your Personal Training sessions.

Absolutely! Learn more about online training here: https://twc-ibiza.com/onlinepersonaltraining

Group Personal Training

When you are  aresident kickstart your fitness with a 21-Day program https://twc-ibiza.com/21-days-to-kickstart-your-fitness

Or by your drop-in sessions if you are a holidaymaker. LINK You can purchase your package whereafter we contact you by email to schedule your favourite location, day and time.

Personal Training

Sign up for a first trial session via the website:


You can also send us an email to info@twc-ibiza.com or call us on +34 637 774 68.

To make it easy for you, we work with recurring payments. You can purchase your first package online on the website or you will receive a notification and invoice from us afterwards.

If Paypal is not working for you or if you don’t have a credit card or debit card, you can pay by bank or cash on your first training session. But keep in mind that cash payments are more expensive due to administration costs so we advise you to pay recurring.

As a member you will receive email supports and newsletters. You can also stay updated within the members only Facebook group. If you are not a member yet, send one of TWC Ibiza’s team members a friend request on Facebook so that they can add you to the closed Facebook Group.

It’s your responsible to let TWC-Ibiza’s administration know in advance if any sessions are to be missed. For example, in the case of sickness or bereavement. An email to info@twc-ibiza.com is essential in order for TWC-Ibiza administration to freeze any missed sessions until you return to training.

When you go on vacation, you can catch up within that month and whilst away you can keep on training with TWC Ibiza home workouts.


Read TWC Ibiza’s terms & conditions here:

You don’t need to let us know unless you can’t train for a long time due to illness or injuries.

You can make up missed sessions on other days, times or training locations or train at home with TWC Ibiza home workout videos.

Sessions are held on different locations on the island. Have a look at the schedule:


Or check directions and Google pins here:

San Antonio

San Antonio, outdoor fitness playground

If you like your workout with beautiful sea view but without sand between your toes, the location in San Antonio is your spot. On the promenade, in the fitness area, in front of Ocean Beach Club, we train safe and with fun.

How to get there:-

Take the road from San Antonio to San Jose and take the first exit on the roundabout. Park your car on the big parking on the right side at Ocean Beach Club  (Carres es Moli 12-14) and walk to the left on the promenade. There in the fitness area we are waiting for you.



Talamanca, beach

If you like to workout on the beach watching the sun rise, and cool down in the sea after your training, then Talamanca beach is the one for you. We train in the middle of the bay, in front of the grassy side and on the right of the second life-guard station.

How to get there:-

Talamanca is the nearest beach from Ibiza Town, and when you come by car, take the road from Botafoch to Jesus and turn right at former Harbour Club. We train in the middle of the bay.




Siesta, Park

We found a great park for the Group Personal Training sessions on the Siesta side of Santa Eulalia. Here it is quieter than on the beach, which is great in summer with always a gentle breeze.

How to get there:-

Head to the furthest right-hand side beach in Santa Eulalia, where you will find the Mariners bar. Park your car here, and walk over the bridge at the little harbour to cross the river. Keep walking straight ahead, with the kindergarten on your left. There is a great shady spot under the trees where we will be waiting for you.

Alternatively, you can drive into Siesta from the road to Cala Llonga. Turn left as you go up the hill, follow the road straight on (keep left straight), then take the first left and again first left. Park your car at the bottom of the hill.


Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia, beach

We have a great spot for our Group Personal Training sessions in Santa Eulalia, on the beach watching the sea.

How to get there:-

Head to the far right hand side of the beach, as you are facing the sea, towards Siesta, and we will be waiting for you next to the little harbour just in front of Mariners Bar where the wooden umbrellas are.



Marina Botafoch, fitness playground

This location in the super-chic Marina Botafoch is the perfect place to work out in the vicinity of all those cool yachts and boats.

How to get there:-

Head to Paseo Maritimo and Bubbles Ibiza. With your back to Bubbles, you will find us just to the left next to the pull-up bar. With your back to Box 7 you’ll find it 150 meter to the right.


Semi-Private Personal Training

Santa Eulalia, private location

We can’t exist without the input from our members and people like you. Therefore always let us know your wish for times, days and locations. When we have enough sign-ups for a certain wish for location, we definitely will open a new group. You can also get your friends together and start your own group. Your wish is our command 😉

Yes! You can always switch between locations, days and times according to your schedule. And there is no need to let the office know upfront.

We almost never cancel sessions but when there is heavy rain, we do cancel. Make sure to keep an eye on the closed The Workout Club Ibiza Family Facebook group where we inform about cancelled sessions.

Note: It could be raining at one part of Ibiza and dry on another. Therefore keep an eye on the Facebook page. Example: A session could be cancelled in San Antonio and at the same time still on in Santa Eulalia. All sessions cancelled by TWC-Ibiza will be added onto your current package at no extra cost.

Cancellations we always communicatie in the closed Facebook group so make sure you are added to that group. Send one of TWC Ibiza’s team members a friend request on Facebook so that they can add you.

In the members only Facebook group we share fun stuff, photos of training sessions, cancellations due to bad weather, info, events and tips about health and fitness. Sharing is Caring so please do participate in this group. Here you can also ask questions. Someone will answer in a second.

Send a TWC Ibiza team member a friend request on Facebook so that he/she can add you.

For the fastest answers you can post your questions in the closed TWC-Ibiza Family Facebook group pr chat with us 24/7 on Facebook Messenger. You can also send your questions to info@twc-ibiza.com, sent a WhatsApp to the admin team: +34 637 774 68 or call us Monday to Friday between 9.00-10.00 or 15.30-16.30 hrs.

Join TWC-Ibiza’s social events, participate in the member’s only Facebook group or mingle and mix the different workout  locations, days and times to train.

Absolutely! We have monthly bring a friend weeks but you can bring a friend any time. Send us their email, name and phone number so that we can invite them or just bring them to a session. In this case make sure they come 15 minutes prior to the session so that we can do a short assessment with them to make sure they train safe.

Yes! We believe that sharing is caring. By telling your friends, a neighbour, or a family member  about us, we can focus our time and energy on doing more for you and our other members instead of marketing and advertising.

We would rather reward you for sending us new clients than spend all our money on marketing. With this in mind, we came up with a Referral Reward Program. Let us know if you are interested and we will tell you all about it!

Yes, you can bring your children to training. But do keep in mind that other members come to training to focus on their training and not all of them will appreciate distraction, not even from the little ones jumping around with their best intention. If children can entertain themselves there should not be any reason why they can not come along.

One of our life missions is win-win relations. Therefore we definitely support bringing your dog to training. Happy dog = happy you!  But do keep in mind that not everyone appreciates your lovely four-footed friends so keep them leashed to make sure they do not  walk on others’ feet.