Super easy ways to not skip your breakfast in Ibiza!

We all know it, skipping breakfast is a No Go! Our body needs the energy which it gets from a good breakfast to help us through the day. And even with this knowledge many people skip their breakfast. If you belong to those who say: “I don’t have enough time for a (healthy) breakfast!” this article is for you.

Fresh (hand picked Ibiza) lemon and warm water.

First thing you should do when getting out of bed, on an empty stomach, is drink a cup of hot water with fresh squeezed lemon. It kick-starts the digestion process, it boosts your immune system, releases toxins faster and it helps with weight loss. The health benefits of a lemon are so enormous that I can’t write them all here so please Google if you would like to read more.

Shake it baby!

A smoothie is made in a second. And even for those who are never hungry in the morning it’s a great way to power up your nutrition. Fruit and veggies you can cut  and keep in the fridge the evening before if you wish. Fill up your blender in the morning and be creative! You can add lots of healthy stuff such as; fresh squeezed orange and lemon, coconut water, (almond) yoghurt, seeds, nuts, protein or oat flakes, Stir some superfoods at the end and you are ready to go!


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Ginger is a great ‘wake up call’ in the morning and a great flavour in a smoothie or juice so make sure you always have some at home. 

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats you prepare before you go to bed and it is a great start of a new day. Cook the oatmeal with (almond) milk and according to your taste you can add cinnamon, honey, bananas or blue berries. The next morning add some superfoods such as Hemp seeds, Aloe Vera, Chia, Goji berries and nuts or line seeds. Yummy and super nutritious!

Oatmeal, nice and warm

If you are not so lucky to wake up in the warmth of the Ibiza sun, you might like a nice and warm bowl of oatmeal as breakfast. It will warm you up and bring some comfort so that you will shine the whole day like the Ibiza sunCook the oatmeal in (almond) milk on low heat so that you’ll have enough time to take a shower in between. As soon as you are dressed and decent, your warm bowl of power nutrition is ready. Add some vanilla, cinnamon, or honey if you wish.

Here you go! Super easy ways to prepare a rich, nutritious breakfast.

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