Case Study: Louise her fat loss journey with TWC Ibiza part 3

So this week was a weird one. I have quit smoking for 3 weeks now and mentally feel great about it. I have picked up a cough and a cold this week, so have generally been feeling a bit s*****!

Monday was a terrible day for me and I just wanted to hide under my duvet and ignore everyone. So I skipped TWC. Halfway through the session I get a fb message from Virgil saying “Louise this is your conscience, where are you?!” That had the biggest guilt effect EVER!! I immediately felt guilty and then when I see Virgil has tagged me on FB in something, I get that sinking feeling!

So my group of girls has spelt out my name with their bodies and uploaded it to Facebook just to give me that added guilt feeling!! Last time I’ll be missing a  session for the hell of it!!

Wednesdays session

I really wanted to work twice as hard for this session because of the guilt feeling and constant taunting from Sommer. Sacha had us up and down that beach again. We did these slow-motion squats that absolutely killed your legs and butt.

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I am starting to kind of enjoy the pain a little especially when its in my butt because thats where i want the most change!! I found it quite difficult to finish though because i felt a bit under the weather i was heating up super quickly.

 Fridays session

Tonight session was hard as i am feeling pretty bad today. We used Kettlebells and thats the first time i have ever used those. I could really feel the difference with them and I definitely want to use them again, perhaps do some workshops on them.

We also did push ups again, which i have 100% improved on. When i started I couldn’t even do 1 push up (on the wall so still not full push ups) and now i can do about ten before i fall!

I am really feeling my body get stronger, but i need to improve on my nutrition. Next week i will try to start my food log and hopefully improve on that.

See you next week xxx

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