[Case Study] Louise her fat loss journey with TWC Ibiza part 5

So, it has been a while… Basically, I have fallen off the fitness wagon. I had a trip back home to the UK, and this has meant about 2 weeks off from TWC. 2 weeks doesn’t sound that much right? Yeah, that’s what I thought before I went back to training this week.

I’m dropping out

So I have kind of been dropping off for a while, things like work have meant my timings don’t always work with classes and apart from that just other things getting in the way. Virgil and Marisa totally spotted that I was slacking and called me up on it. Without wanting to sound like a total attention seeker (who me??!) this is exactly what I needed.


I needed someone to give me a little nudge and say hey.. pick it up, what’s going on! I needed to be reminded that I have come so close and that giving up now would mean going back to square 1, and believe me  I do not want to have gone through all this pain for nothing! Anyway, so this chat happened before my trip home so I was feeling pumped and Marjolein had given me some workouts that I can do while I am at home.


My UK trip

So I get back to the UK, meet friends and immediately I’m faced with a huge portion of proper English fish and chips. My promises to everyone from TWC Ibiza immediately went out the window and were replaced by my elation at the winner of a meal in front of me.

To cut a long story short, my visit then continued down a spiral of naughty treats. My friends baby shower stocked me up on cakes and a visit to my dad’s house brought the obligatory “feeding” up that parents do. The amount of Easter eggs my dad gave me, he might as well be the frigging Easter bunny.

Then visits to my best friends brought with them lots (and I mean lots) of booze, which of course produced a hangover that could only possibly be made better by a fry up. All in all, as far as my weight and fitness goes UK visit was a total FAIL!


Fat loss is not easy

I must admit, after getting into more of a routine here in Ibiza at TWC Ibiza and keeping fit with good nutrition and workouts, after the binge of being at home, I felt pretty rubbish. I felt wobbly in all the wrong places, I felt lethargic and just all round sh***y. So when I got back, I was feeling ready to turn things around again. I missed Monday’s session as I was moving house which was a workout in its self to be honest, so I didn’t feel too bad!

Then Wednesday came. Marjolein. I joined the class super pumped and ready to take it on. But my body had other ideas. After a couple weeks off, I was finding it so hard to get to my usual level. So much so that at one point I felt really light headed and faint. This just made me feel like a total loser and I thought this can’t last! I need to get my game back. Marjolein had us doing some interval training which had my calf muscles quivering by the end of the class.


Thursday was a bonus session taught by Marjolein in Marina Botafoch. Marjolein took us through more interval training using some of what she had learned in Thailand, so it was full of fighting moves, kicks, punches and just a lot of different moves to what we usually do.

It also felt totally different to be training on pavement rather than on the sand. She had us all sweating like crazy through the class, but everyone there really pushed themselves and it was great to take a class with some new members. Half the class was Spanish, so as well as a workout, we also got a language lesson bonus!

I have just got home from that session and I really feel amazing. My legs are quivering already and Im sure tomorrow is going to hurt. But I feel like I’m back and ready to give the next month all I have got to get my ass in shape for the Summer.

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