Fuck it by The Workout Club Ibiza

Don’t be thrown off guard by the words. We recently had a conversation with some friends about the two words Fuck It. We all know what it means and sometimes we use only one of the words to express our frustrations.

Fuck It you are saying?

But look at it this way, “Fuck it” actually means that you are ready for change. That you’re ready to take action. In fact the word can force a decision you have been fighting with for years.

Move to Ibiza or not?

For instance, we had been thinking of moving to Ibiza for years. People around us warned us about everything that could go wrong. They said things like “are you sure about giving up your job and your life for an adventure filled with uncertainties”?
Or this one: “Are you sure that The Workout Club Ibiza is going to work?” In fact, doubt was fed in our already doubting minds.


Fuck it let’s do this

But then we said to each other “Fuck It” we will move to Ibiza. “Fuck It” we will face our fears and we are going to make this happen. And here we are, creating a life of freedom on Ibiza, helping people to change their lifestyle.

Nice story guys but what can the Fuck It Mentality do for me?

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When you need to decide what to do the words can help you force a decision. And that is not all! Only the decision is not enough. You need to act upon that decision. That means that you need to create a goal with the end in mind. For example you would like to lose weight. Your goal is to lose 15 pounds. Then reverse engineer, and break that goal down into baby steps. It is very hard to lose 15 pounds in 3 months. But it’s easier to lose 2 pounds in two weeks, and take baby steps towards your bigger goal of 15 pounds.


Fuck It!

So next time you feel the urge to express your frustrations with the word fuck, scream that from the top of your lungs, you will feel a lot better. Afterwards say “Fuck It” and take action to change the frustration in to a solution.

Fuck It, let’s do it.

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