How a burning desire can help you reach your goals.

Do you find it hard to finish what you’ve started? Do you struggle to reach your fitness or life goals? No worries, we all know the feeling of quitting and feeling remorse afterwards. But what can you do to reach your set goals? We hope this post will inspire you to find your reason ‘WHY’.

The Story of Maya

At the Workout Club Ibiza we help hundreds of people every year with their life and fitness goals. And each and every time we, as coaches, learn something new from all the beautiful people we work with. We would love to share Maya’s extraordinary story.

We just had storms in Ibiza and the whole island was in a sort of alert. Rain was pouring down, boats were smashed to pieces on the rocks and the general mood was not great for the time of the year. We had just launched a Transformation Contest and we had 21 people who were ready to start changing their lives. The training conditions were not great because of washed-away beaches. One of the people was Maya. We knew her already some years, but she never started training because in her own words “I hate training” had been one of her life’s credo for a long time. But to the surprise of us all, there she was. Maya was totally out of shape. The warm up was way too hard and asking her to run to the tower was like she must run a marathon. The first day she could not even complete the warm up.


Her reason why

The weeks went by and where most people in Maya’s condition would show signs of giving up, she did just the opposite. Maya came to every training session. Even with muscle-ache, headaches and after a great party, the next day Maya was there. The TWC-Ibiza team was amazed by the progress that Maya made and we started to wonder why she was performing way differently then 99% of the people who start training. Killed by curiosity we had the first success session. We do that with every person who trains with us. We like to understand clearly the ” WHY” for people to start working out and changing their body and mind.

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We asked Maya what her reason for training so hard right now was, and her reason made our heart freeze and all concepts of time stood still for a couple of seconds that seemed like hours. Maya was about to get married to the love of her life, Michael. Michael, being a talented personal trainer and a great TWC-Ibiza coach too, always urged Maya to start training. But you know how things are. Everything your partner asks of you, you just do the opposite, right? I guess that is human nature. Then, the worst thing that you can imagine happened. One day Michael went out on his motorbike, he fell and lost his life in a tragic accident. Maya’s world crumbled.

Two years later Maya decided to honor Michael in the most beautiful way possible. She put aside all her dislike for exercise and started training. She explained that her WHY was not to look stunning on the beach or to fit in that fantastic dress for a special event. She needs to start exercising because that was something Michael would like. That strong reason made Maya move beyond herself. She achieved things she normally thought she never could do.

At the end of the 6 weeks, Maya even won the Transformation Contest with a fantastic 13 cm lost around the hips, she gained the ability to run freely and became a stronger person in the process.

Your burning desire

We have learned that when you have a burning desire and a strong WHY, you are capable of everything in life. Look deep within and ask yourself why you’d like to change. Ask yourself why you’d like to change right now and not two weeks before. Dig deep and take your time to find your why and the world will be at your feet to grasp.

We hope that Maya’s story inspires you to make some changes. And don’t you worry if you can not do it by yourself, we are here to assist you every step of the way. The power is yours, the time is now to awaken it.

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