An Interview with Ibiza Body Harmony founder Monica Chiarella

Monica can you tell our readers something about yourself?

I’m a positive and spiritual person. I feel a profound connection with nature, people and all living beings. I love to help other people feel good both physically, spiritually and emotionally, this is what i found to be my calling in life.

I do Thai Massage, Tibetan Massage, Anti-stress Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Limphatic Massage, Metamorphic Massage, Beauty treatments, Body treatment Packages, Cervical and back Massage

How long have you lived in Ibiza?

13 amazing years =)

You are the founder of Ibiza Body Harmony Can you share what you do..?

We provide different kinds of Massages, Osteopathy, Beauty treatments, Make up and Hairdressing, Yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Biomagnetism, Shiatzu, Reiki, Reflexology, Oriental aquatic Therapy, Methamorphic Massage

What is the best way for people to stay healthy, fit and above all mobile…?

First thing is to love themselves, and when you love yourself you will find a good way to nourish your body, mind and soul with healthy food, meditation, yoga, pilates, fitness, massages, therapy and a positive attitude in life

How is it to live in Ibiza and run a business at the same time?

Living here is incredible. I usually work in the most amazing Villas, Hotels, Boats and Events. Surrounded by astonishing landscapes. This makes both life and work here very enjoyable!

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There are many massage therapists on the island. What makes you and your team different?

I think because we offer a very pleasant holistic spa experience in your own home. In these special treatments we work on healing all aspects of your being, helping you reach a total mind, soul and body harmony

What tips do you have for people who would like to come to Ibiza to start their business?

Follow your heart and let your spirit shine through your business

When we say Ibiza you say…?

Freedom, connection, home, happiness, love, party, spiritual, nature, healing.

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