An interview with Laura Jane, The Rawtarian

We are firm believers that well balanced nutrition, exercise and a proper mindset are key to living a healthy lifestyle. We’d love to introduce Laura-Jane The Rawtarian. Laura-Jane shines a whole new light on the raw food lifestyle. Her website explodes, her book is very successful and she has thousands of fans around the world. We are so proud that she found the time to do an interview with us. Let’s hear what she has to say….

1. Laura-Jane, thank you for your time. For people who don’t know you yet, who is Laura Jane The Rawtarian…?

Well, in a nutshell… I’m just a regular girl who lives in the country on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. I’ve been raw since 2009, after my mother-in-law gifted me with a raw recipe book. From that point on, I’ve embraced the raw lifestyle! I love creating & sharing raw food recipes using simple technology (blender and food processor, and also a dehydrator). I don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking, hence my development of creating simple raw recipes. I confess to a weakness for raw desserts!

2. You hear about raw food a lot these days and there are many people who think about eating raw. But still there are a lot of people who don’t really know what eating raw exactly means. Can you explain and share your ideas with us?

Raw really is all about eating fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. A food is not considered raw if it is heated higher than 110 degrees F. Raw recipes are prepared mainly using a blender and/or a food processor. But the joy of eating raw, for me, is the discovery that raw needn’t ever be boring. There’s been an explosion of fantastic raw recipes in recent years. And minimal equipment is required (which I love!). So, folks can’t use an excuse that going raw is too difficult, or bland, or whatever! As long as you focus on simple recipes, that is. Plus, you can’t ignore the obvious health aspect. Body and mind alike will benefit from a raw food diet.

Rawterian Laura Jane

3. Can you give us 3 tips about how to start with a raw food lifestyle?

Start by setting simple goals. Go raw just for breakfast. Or until supper.  Perhaps incorporate a green smoothie into your daily routine. Eat more of your favourite raw food! Bananas, avocados, big green salads, raw desserts: fill your boots. Yes, it’s that simple! Try a dessert, like raw brownies. You’ll discover that going raw does not mean being deprived of your favourite goodies!

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4. You wrote a book. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes! It’s a collection of my best recipes, and it’s called The Rawtarian’s Raw Food Favourites. It’s 189-pages, full-color and includes 82 simple, satisfying raw food recipes, as well as tips and tricks on equipment, staying raw and starting a new raw adventure. Right now, it’s currently out of print, but stay tuned. I’m looking for a publisher!

5. We get a lot of questions about the relation of raw food and weight loss. Can you share your ideas about that?

It’s a lot about what you DON’T EAT. Once you stop the high consumption of dairy, white bread & other refined carbs, junk food, and fatty foods, weight loss comes naturally. And you will ultimately find your natural weight, the weight where your body is most comfortable.


6. There are numerous health benefits for eating raw. Can you name some?

Oh boy, there are so many! But the main ones are:
Increased energy
Natural weight stabilisation
Clearer skin
Mental clarity
And best of all: your taste buds have been re-trained to crave healthy food!

7. When are you coming to Ibiza, because we are dying to meet you?

I would love to! Especially as our winters here in Canada are so cold. Perhaps one day…

8. When we say Ibiza you say…?

Yes please!

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