Krill Oil, 48 times more powerful than regular Omega-3!

Research has shown that the western diet is severely low in Omega-3. Supplementing our deficient diet is essential for health and wellbeing and provides many benefits, such:

  • healthy heart and cholesterol regulation
  • healthy immune system
  • healthy blood sugar levels
  • inflammation reduction
  • healthy joints and bones
  • healthy brain and nervous system
  • healthy liver function
  • relief of PMS symptoms
  • helps concentration and memory
  • fights signs of ageing
  • optimal skin health
  • helps with depression and anxiety
  • overall improved quality of life.

Prograde EFA Icon Krill Oil is the best source of Omega-3 you can get. It is 48 times more powerful than regular Omega-3! It is easily absorbed into the body and bloodstream, so there is no fishy after-taste as with some fish oil capsules. It comes in the form of a small gelatine capsule and you need to take just 1-3 per day.

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Krill are shrimp-like crustaceans and are the most abundant source of Omega-3 available. They are fished, under strict and ecologically-friendly protocols, in the Antarctic seas and are, therefore, naturally free from toxins such as Mercury.

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