Location & Schedule

Group Personal Training

Talamanca Beach


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

0:00 - 0:00 AM

0:00 - 0:00 AM

Group Personal Training

Outdoor Fitness playground

San Antonio

Tuesday, Saturday

0:00 - 00:00 AM

We do not have drop-in sessions for now. It is possible to make your own private group.

Group Personal Training

Santa Eulalia Beach

Santa Eulalia

Monday, Wednesday

0:00 - 0:00 PM



0:00 - 0:00 AM


0:00 - 0:00 AM


Group Personal Training

Santa Eulalia, beach

We have a great spot for our Group Personal Training sessions in Santa Eulalia, on the beach watching the sea.

How to get there:-
Head to the far right hand side of the beach, as you are facing the sea, towards Siesta, and we will be waiting for you next to the little harbour just in front of Mariners Bar where the wooden umbrellas are.

Talamanca, beach

If you like to workout on the beach watching the sun rise, and cool down in the sea after your training, then Talamanca beach is the one for you. We train in the middle of the bay, in front of the grassy side and on the right of the second life-guard station.

How to get there:-
Talamanca is the nearest beach from Ibiza Town, and when you come by car, take the road from Botafoch to Jesus and turn right at the former Harbour Club.

San Antonio, outdoor fitness playground

If you like your workout with beautiful sea view but without sand between your toes, the location in San Antonio is your spot. On the promenade, in the fitness area, in front of Ocean Beach Club, we train safe and with fun.

How to get there:-
Take the road from San Antonio to San Jose and take the first exit on the roundabout. Park your car on the big parking on the right side at Ocean Beach Club (Carres es Moli 12-14) and walk to the left on the promenade. There in the fitness area we are waiting for you.

Marina Botafoch, fitness playground

This location in the super-chic Marina Botafoch is the perfect place to work out in the vicinity of all those cool yachts and boats.

How to get there:-
Head to Paseo Maritimo and Bubbles Ibiza. With your back to Bubbles, you will find us just to the left next to the pull-up bar. With your back to Box 7 you’ll find it 150 meter to the right.

Siesta Park, park

We found a great park for the Group Personal Training sessions on the Siesta side of Santa Eulalia. Here it is quieter than on the beach, which is great in summer with always a gentle breeze.

How to get there:-
Head to the furthest right-hand side beach in Santa Eulalia, where you will find the Mariners bar. Park your car here, and walk over the bridge at the little harbour to cross the river. Keep walking straight ahead, with the kindergarten on your left. There is a great shady spot under the trees where we will be waiting for you.

Alternatively, you can drive into Siesta from the road to Cala Llonga. Turn left as you go up the hill, follow the road straight on (do not go towards Fenicia Hotel), then take the first left. Follow the road for 150 metres, take the second turning to the left and park your car at the bottom of the hill.