Case Study: Louise her fat loss journey with TWC Ibiza part 2

Week 2  Session 1

So Monday comes, I am tired and lethargic after the weekend. Had a long day at work and really, the last thing i wanted to do was go training. But I pull myself together and head down to the beach with Sommer.

We get to the beach and there is a new teacher for me coach Marjolein. We immediately join the group and begin stretching and warming up. After warming up, we go straight into a run. Even after doing only 2 sessions last week, I can still feel the improvement in my stamina.

I don’t feel like I want to keel over and die today! Then Marjolein instructs us to do some crawls. Last week the maximum I had done at one time was 10, Marjolein asks us to do 40!! 40!!??!! I almost passed out there and then!


We continued the class using reps of 40. This totally killed me and really pushed me to my limits, however I was quite proud of myself to have completed most of the exercises that were set. Again, after the session I felt really energetic and good about myself.

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Session 2

This week I went on a trip to Barcelona with my boyfriend so I missed the second class. However, I really tried to encoreporate TWC into my trip by squeezing my butt cheeks any time I went up stairs, and walking loads around the city! (Great excuse) I may have overdone it slightly on the vino and yes I did have a cheeky churros and chocolate for brekky! :/

Session 3

Friday night!! woop! I have actually just arrived home from tonights session and again buzzing!! Today we had Sacha instructing us and I feel like i will be aching tomorrow! We did a mixture of squats, crawls, planks and push ups. Wow push ups are hard!!

In the group there are various levels, so I (naturally) went for the “easiest”option (NOT EASY FYI!!!) This meant that I did my push ups on the wall rather than on the sand or the bench. Some of the girls attempted doing push ups with their feet on the bench and pushing up from the sand (in awe!!!!)

My shoulders actually got to the point that i couldn’t physically do any more!! Today Sacha measured us and I also took some “before” pictures. Oh my life, the before pictures have given me a real motivation to get my huge arse into shape!! Wowsers!! Anyway I am totally motivated now to get into shape, lose some weight and get strong! Lets do this!!

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  • Lisa Reply

    Please can I get full info on your retreat via e mail . Thank you

    Sunday February 28th, 2016 at 06:16 PM

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