Case Study: Louise her fat loss journey with TWC Ibiza part 4

Session 1

So week 4, I’ve made it to a month- bonus! Super proud of myself to actually have stuck to this fitness programme and not sacked it off (which is my usual gig) This week I am determined to make it to all 3 classes and maybe even try some yoga.

So Mondays session was coached by the lovely Sacha. She put us through our paces with lots of leg work. Squats, lunges with Kettle bells and lots of running. I can definitely feel my stamina getting better. I must admit I have taken the easy way out a few times by running on the path instead of the beach as the beach is an absolute KILLER! But this week I am pushing myself.

I ran on the beach, which had me keeled over out of breath but you can feel it working on your legs and butt! This week I have also decided to kick start my nutrition by sticking to certain foods. I had porridge (made with water) for breakfast, mid morning I had 2 scrambled eggs and for lunch I had half a sweet potato, with  broccoli and 1/4 roast chicken.


Then I had the same for my dinner but with spinach and sweet potato. I have been drinking water and herbal teas. I found the Yogi teas really nice and they do a variety pack so you don’t get bored. These are really good to have when you are craving something sweet, like after dinner. When I went to the super market I stocked up on all these items so I can continue a similar eating plan for the week.

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Session 2

2 out of 3- on track so far! I woke up this morning in ABSOLUTE AGONY!! My legs were killing me from Mondays session and I even considered not going tonight. Buuuuut, then I remember Sommer’s smug face telling me I missed another class and that was enough to get me up and out the door!

So we have Sacha again, she’s got the glint in her eye when we arrive (the one that means she is ready to kick some ass!) So we go straight to it! I soon realise I am not the only one with aching legs after Mondays class, as all the girls are complaining that they have sore legs when Sacha sends us straight into another round of squats. Ouchie.

Then we work on our arms using the kettle bells. The exercise is to crawl backwards dragging the kettle bell in your hand, then repeat on the other side. We touched on this exercise on Monday when I foolishly said “oh, I like that one” Big mistake… huge! Sacha brings it back with a vengeance. Then we used the Kettle Bells to do squats and lunges. My balance being far from on point today!

Session 3

Yes I did it!!! WOOOOOOOP! 3 sessions in 1 week. I should actually be ashamed of myself that week 4 is the first full week I have managed so far, but hey, Ill take the celebrations when I can! So today we had Marjolein.

The dreaded Marjolein! Last time I had her to teach us I was almost in tears! (But loving her the next day!) And boy, this lady does not disappoint! In fact, even though it killed me…. (dare I say this) I LOVED tonights session! It was a real mixture of sprinting, squats, mountain climbers, press ups. Loads of different exercises for tummy’s and bums- just what we like!


Now Marjolijn is going off to train in Thailand for a week. Training in Muay Thai… Imagine our sessions when she gets back?! Im excited and scared at the same time! Thats it from me folks, see you next week xx

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