Case Study: Louise her fat loss journey with TWC Ibiza part 1

First let me tell you a little about me. So, Im not a fitness freak.  In fact I am extremely  the opposite! I do try to have a balanced life, but even though the very best intentions are there (I promise 😉 )I do have a habit of swaying towards the naughty things in life.

I love socialising

I love socialising. Thats it, I blame my friends. Yes 100% its their fault. But I do like a good socialise, and unfortunately that means eating and drinking. Probably two of the things I do best in fact.

Even though a night out involves eating a big (probably the wrong side of fatty) meal, and also drinking (way too many glasses of vino tinto) the biggest problem lies with the following day. I always feel gross the next day. All i want is chocolate and bread and bad things and you can forget exercising, really.


Just forget it. So to summarise my fitness and nutrition, its not the best but by no means the worst. I am a size 8-10 (UK) and overall I am fine with how i look. But I don’t want to be fine with how i look, I want to be proud! I want to go to the beach this summer with my boyfriend, and see his face light up with pride that the hot girl in the bikini is, in fact his girlfriend! That is my aim.


This is what i like to change

I hate my thighs, my ass is big (which I like) but it demo needs to be toned up. My tummy is more of a pot belly shape, and i really need that to get in shape before i even look at a bikini. So I guess my problem areas are the same as most girls legs, bums and tums. My ideal body would be small arms with definition. A defined tummy and shave a few inches off my thighs and bum and just tone the f*** up!!

My housemate and surrogate big sister Sommer is a member of TWC Ibiza. She comes home after every session buzzing. I mean actually buzzing. And she makes me feel so guilty for not going. I always find an excuse (because I’m lazy) So finally, after seeing Marisa on a night out and chewing her ear off about how i am in a rut, I signed up.

My first session

I had had a heavy weekend and was ready to really sort myself out! Virgil was the teacher on my first session. When I arrived he took me through what i wanted out of the class, how i want to look and what my goals are. He knew then what kind of exercises he would be prescribing to me.

We began with a jog. WOW, shame is not the word! I knew I was unfit, but this was ridiculous! I lagged behind the rest of the girls and huffed and puffed my way back to the group. Usually this is one of the reasons I hate going to the gym. Because I am unfit and I feel paranoid in front of more fit and well practised people.

But I didn’t feel like that at all. Virgil talked me back to the group who instead of just waiting for me, were doing high knee jump things (excuse my terminology) to keep them going. Then Virgil introduced us to a new style of training that he said he had just discovered called Movement Flows.

The moves that we used involved crawling with your knees just above the sand, then you spin on your wrists and kick a leg out to the side. Wow these were killers, but also extremely fun to do. Virgil made it look easy and it certainly wasn’t!

Then we used a huge rope which had been tied around a shower on the beach. We thrashed around with the rope until we were actually screaming out right there on the beach!! After the session I felt amazing! My muscles were sore but they felt alive! I already felt like I had my toned dream body (unfortunately its not that easy!) I had loads of energy and really felt proud of myself for doing it.


My second session

Unfortunately I missed the mid week lesson this week. I also never heard the end of it from Sommer so I more than felt bad. That is another thing i like about TWC. Because you are part of a group, it gives you motivation to go. You also will feel completely rubbish and guilty if you miss a class!

I had been at my office job and to be honest was feeling a little tired and lethargic. I went home from work with half hour to get changed and out for TWC. I walk through to the kitchen, and there it was. Staring at me from across the room.

Shouting in a tiny little voice “eat meeeee, eat meeeeee” Sommer had her birthday yesterday and there in my kitchen, was the remaining quarter of a delicious, perfectly created chocolate fudge cake! Like a woman possessed, i made my way over to the cake and cut off a tiny slither. Then another and then another until i snapped out of my chocolate induced daze and stormed out of the kitchen to get ready for TWC.

This was a major setback. My second class and already I’ve munched on a choppy cake! Then I remembered what Virgil had told me when i asked about nutrition. He said its important to have the thing you enjoy. So he suggests to people that they can have a cheat day. So then i decided that this is my cheat day!!

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The lesson today was by Gaby. She had us doing some crazy jumps and high knees to warm up and really made us stretch out before we did anything else. She incorporated push ups and squats with more of the crawl things that we did with Virgil on my first session.

Sacha really pushed us and gave us motivation to carry on when it was really really really hurting! She tailored to everyone in the class, giving everyone variations of the exercises so that we could all go at our own level. Suicide runs. are you kidding me?? Suicide runs, anything with suicide in the name is not going to be fun.


However, actually it was fun, and you really felt a sense of achievement after completing them. After Sachas class, I felt so out of breath, but I have been buzzing with energy ever since. I can feel the endorphins going crazy in me!

I got to my boyfriends had a shower and turned up Beyonce really loud, to which my boyfriend said your so happy!  So thanks TWC Ibiza, not only are you getting my ass into shape, but your also making me a great girlfriend!! I will be in touch with my next  write up!

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