This is how we squat at TWC-Ibiza

Do you want to have a behind like Beyonce but you don’t know where to begin? Well in this post we would like to talk about the squat. Are you ready to boogie…?

The best kept secret to get a firm behind lies in something we all know but hardly ever do. The squat builds strong legs and a beautiful toned butt. But before you head toward the nearest gym and start squatting, make sure that you find a qualified personal trainer to take you through the proper squat protocol.

The 90 degrees squat

Safety is of utmost importance, so before you begin, start just with the body weight squat. How is it done? First put your butt back and keep your shin as vertical as possible. Never let your knee pass your toes. You have the sensation of the weight on your heels. Sink down until you reach a 90-degree angle. You feel your abdominals touching your upper leg. Everything less than 90 degrees we consider not a proper squat. At The Workout Club Ibiza we teach a few strength principles. One of them is to stay tight on the way down. When you are at 90 degrees have the sensation of pushing the floor away instead of just getting up.
Keep looking forward at all times.

Safety first with your squat

front squat

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Safety first

Remember to start with body weight only then practice with a broomstick. When you have been checked by a  personal trainer gently start to load a barbell with weight. In other blog posts, we will talk about the squat again with weights. If you happen to be in Ibiza for your holiday or you live here, drop by in one of our sessions and we will be more than happy to show you the squat technique.

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