Success Stories

Femke Keuter – Asset Manager

Dear TWC-Ibiza team, thank you for the good planning and perfect workouts! Although I was on my 2 week holiday, I enjoyed the personal training every time. Even at 6.30 J.

I am very happy with all the pointers that were given during my training, I will definitely use this when I am back in Amsterdam.

See you next time on the Island!! xoxo femke

Sommer Amari – Teacher at Morna Valley

I started training with the workout club since they first started!  I was new to the island so a great way make new friends.  It made my first winter here much more enjoyable.  I have always loved the idea of keeping fit but never really got on with going to the gym.  Gyms bore me and with all those mirrors everywhere I just ended up feeling self-conscious or checking out the hot guys!  Anyway TWC changed all that…  Group sessions have made training fun.  The coaches show you how to do stuff properly.  From the first session they had me doing push ups, something I never thought I was able to do!  The club also gives great nutrition advice and helped me to lose the weight I wanted whilst making strong!  The Workout Club is the best on the island if they played music they would give Space a run for their money!

Mike Blackburn – Vice President Ibiza Club de Rugby

It is hard to imagine anyone with greater passion for what they believe in and what they stand for. TWC’s passion is matched by the knowledge of the team and understanding of the body and how it responds to exercise and physical conditioning.

Being responsible for the conditioning of a team of rugby players presents some exceptional challenges. We have a wide range of athletes, some of whom have played at a National level others who have never played before and are experiencing the game for the first time. If you add to this the different demands each position poses (15 in total) along with varied age ranges 18-40 it presents a very complex challenge.

TWC Ibiza’s coaching team, first built a base for all players to work from and very quickly understood some of complexities surrounding individual physical performance within the game of rugby. The result of their hard work was to provide the players with a deep reservoir of fitness enabling them to perform their individual skills under great physical pressure taking the team to the league finals of the Federacion de Rugby Balear 2013/14 season.

I have no hesitation recommending The Workout Club Ibiza to anyone of any age and ability who wants to invest in their own well being and physical conditioning, exceptional coaches on many levels, you will not be disappointed.

Lorna McNally – Service Manager

I’ve only been training with TWC for three weeks but it’s been so great, and an excellent way for me to get back into fitness after a long, busy summer of no exercise other than running around like crazy at work!
I’ve been looking for something like this for a while in Ibiza and I’m so glad I found it this year.

The workouts are exactly what I like – intense, varied and lots of fun! Virgil is an excellent trainer – extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and he always manages to get the group laughing, even on the toughest of sets.
He and Marisa have created something really wonderful and unique with The Workout Club Ibiza family and I’m so happy and excited to be a part of it, hopefully for a long time to come! Many, many thanks to you both!


Kate Marshall – Chiropractor

I sincerely love The Workout Club Ibiza! I’ve noticed huge changes in my happiness levels after training with them, not just because of the effects of the exercise but also because of being around positive, healthy, inspired people. The Workout Club feels different from other training groups because it really creates a sense of community and support, and it inspires you beyond getting a ‘bikini body’ by focusing on creating lifelong strength, using proper technique – the side effect of which will be a body you are proud of!

I’ve also loved all the extra workshops (such as yoga), the coaching talks (such as how set goals), and The Workout Club discounts (such as for nutritional supplements and beauty treatments). I love the fact that the sessions are 45 minutes – completely challenging the headspace that training ‘longer is better’. It’s definitely not! Because TWC-Ibiza always teaches proper technique, the effects are magnified and maximised (I’ve had better results in these sessions than when I trained by myself for 90 minutes at a time). Overall I love the trainers, I have fun in the sessions, and I’m seeing great results – so I’ll be training with The Workout Club Ibiza for as long as I’m living in Ibiza!

Melanie Timmins – Customer service specialist

I want to say a huge thank you to you and to Virgil for all that TWC has brought to my life over the last year. I have learned a lot about myself both mentally and physically and have met so many lovely people. Thank you so much. You two have amazing vision and drive for your business but also you have big hearts and you welcome everyone so warmly into TWC family …. this is very unique and you should know that I count it as your greatest strength. Have a fantastic winter and I will keep up to date with all TWC activities on FB. See you next summer!


Joan Sala Matra – Ibiza Spotlight

MY GREAT EXPERIENCES NEED AN A4 SIZE PAPER TO HAVE THEM ALL WRITTEN DOWN! Thanks to you guys, I’ve stopped eating crap. I have realised how my body needs exercise, how my mind is feeling great, how my day to day chores go smoothly, …. I will not be able to thank you enough for making me realise the importance of exercise and the right nutrition! Big hugs to the super family!

Dr Jans Olde Wolbers – Chiropractor

I am a health & wellness specialist and doctor of chiropractic living here on Ibiza and I have been looking for this type of functional fitness that Virgil and Marisa have specialised in for some time now.

It is wonderful to find like-minded exercise professionals like Virgil and Marisa not only so that myself and my wife Kate can train with them but also to have the confidence to refer my patients, knowing that they are in good hands and will not injure themselves.

Their knowledge of functional fitness and the body is excellent. Their explanations and expectations are simple and realistic. But the most important is that they inspire you with their passion to get you to the next level – whether you are just starting out or are an athlete.

I teach my patients how to get well and stay well for a lifetime and I emphasize the four pillars of health – eating right, being fit, having mental/emotional balance as well as a healthy functioning spine and nervous system. I have been researching the best ways to exercise, eat and manage stress for over 7 years now and it’s rare that I come across new information and techniques. Virgil and Marisa have surprised me with their powerful and simple training strategies that really help you make huge leaps in your strength and fitness that I never thought was possible.

I would just like to share with you how Virgil & Marisa have helped me through the awesome functional fitness program that they provide. I achieved something I never thought was possible.

Two years ago I ruptured my AC ligament in my shoulder from a mountain bike fall. I had 8 months of significant pain where I couldn’t even do a push-up. After another 14 months of my own rehab training I finally started to get some good strength back again, but my shoulder was still extremely unstable. After 8 weeks of training with Virgil, I shoulder pressed two 20kg Kettlebells – more than I have in my life!

Thanks guys, love your style.


Hans van Zandbergen – Owner VZ Industries

‘Never thought I would need a personal trainer because I know all the exercises and know the drills. I found out that a personal trainer can help you get much better and quicker results by making you do things you would never do to yourself. The Workout Club Ibiza has personal trainers who motivate you and help you reach your goals in a powerful way!’

Alexandra Schawilje – Promoter

Hey Virgil & Marisa , just wanted to thank you for a mind blowing workout today. You really pushed me beyond my limits. Don’t know how you did this but you sure have a gift to get the best out of people. You have shown me that I can do more than I could have imagined and now wonderful things are about to happen!! THANK YOU

Katie Bolt – Hairdresser

The Workout Club Ibiza is a really fun and sociable way to exercise. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut at the gym but this way every session is different and you feel like you’re learning new techniques all the time. Virgil is an amazing and motivational teacher and will have you laughing too. You come away from every session smiling and stronger.

Susie Pearl – Writer

What a great way to get fit on the beach with a friendly group who are really focused. Fun, challenging, all levels. Lovely people!

Elly Earls – Freelance Writer

I’ve only been going to TWC-Ibiza for about three weeks, but I’m already hooked! It’s the most fun I’ve ever had training and I’ve already noticed a difference in my fitness and strength. It’s brilliant that there’s loads of variety in the sessions – so far I’ve done everything from squats and deadlifts to TRX, kettle bells, sprinting, burpies and the battle rope. Before joining TWC-Ibiza, I was terrible at motivating myself to exercise, but that hasn’t been a problem at all here! The trainers are awesome fun and the other family members are too, so as well as getting fitter, it’s been a really good way to meet people on the island.

Rayja – Student Chiropractor

The Workout Club Ibiza is a very fun and friendly
club to get your fitness back in the right place. From newbies to athletes everybody enjoys the hard and challenging workouts!!

Benjamin Alexander – DJ

I attended the morning boot camp sessions last week and was supremely happy with the service. I was the only person in class so was spoiled with a personal training session. They knows their stuff! I learned a lot in the session and left the class sweaty like a dog. Highly recommend!

James Rial – DJ/music producer

After 3 months of attending sessions at TWC (sometimes only one or two sessions out of three each week) I noticed my fitness and general energy levels increase but also my physique noticeably improve too. For 45 minutes out of your day for each session it’s absolutely worth it.

Danielle Renshaw – Hotel Es Vive

Not only do you see slimming and toning results with The Workout Club Ibiza, you gain strength you never knew you had! The Workout Club Ibiza “family” are very motivational and push you to limits to achieve the body you’ve always wanted! Thanks guys!!! You Rock!!!

Gini Scott – Reflexologist

Absolutely love being able to start my day on the beach training with TWC. Virgil’s energy is great; he’s a real motivator. Since starting at TWC I’ve really noticed the parts of my body that are weak and need work on, and Virgil has really helped me focus on these areas so that I can perform to my best. The improvement that I have seen in my strength is really amazing.


Sheradene Rose – Freelance women’s wear designer & consultant.

I joined TWC-Ibiza in Feb 2014, it was post baby number 2 and I needed to get my mojo and my body back in shape. As an all year round resident and someone living locally in Talamanca it was ideal. The setting, personal attention and also opportunity to meet great people really made it the perfect way to exercise.
Most importantly it’s effective…. very. You do get out what you put in and the trainers push you. But 3 mornings a week and in no time I felt fit, toned, energised …. I never wanted to miss a session. It’s enjoyable, often painful , usually a few laughs …. the 45 minute sessions fly by.
I can’t recommend TWC-Ibiza enough.

Marie-Hélène Dubois – Owner Word Class

I had always considered myself quite fit and quite self-motivated for exercise. I do a lot of sitting behind a computer for my job so I love exercising regularly and enjoy the effects of exercise on my mind and body. I would go out for a run regularly without the need to be pushed and in fact, I’d never really liked the idea of classes and someone telling me what to do. However, since starting with the Workout Club, I’ve realised that a gentle shove in the right direction is just what I needed! I’ve seen a huge difference in my energy levels and in my overall shape since starting four months ago. This is something I hadn’t expected and my abs look more toned now (with hardly any sit-ups) than when I was doing 200 sit-ups a day. The workouts are brilliant and different every time and being in a group with a trainer makes you push yourself that little bit further. I also love being able to work out in the open air rather than in a sweaty gym. That’s not to mention how much fun these groups are and the laughs we have when we’re working out. I recommend the Workout Club to everyone I talk to now.