Case Study: Louise her fat loss journey with TWC Ibiza part 4

Session 1 So week 4, I’ve made it to a month- bonus! Super proud of myself to actually have stuck to this fitness programme and not sacked it off (which is my usual gig) This week I am determined to make it to all 3 classes and maybe even try some yoga. So Mondays session was coached by the lovely Sacha. She put us through our paces with lots of leg work. Squats, lunges with Kettle bells and lots of running. [...]


This is how we set fitness goals in Ibiza

Do you find it hard to get up early to work out? Or is it hard to stay away from sweets and unhealthy snacks? Then this post is for you. Winning versus Losing In Ibiza we meet people from all walks of life. They have all kinds of different goals but most of them have something in common… When it starts to get hard, they all find excuses to give up. It is easier to just stay down when you have [...]