When to workout after flu 

After recovering from the flu, it’s time to get back into exercising. But be aware that it takes time for your immune system to get back up to speed after infection. You’ll probably feel tired and run down for at least two weeks. Before you start working out make sure you don’t have symptoms like fever, breathlessness at rest or a cough.. Don’t you have any symptoms anymore? Then you can start working out. Do make sure you dive in [...]


How workouts helps with your mental health

There’s a lot of talk about mental health these days. And while it’s great to be able to talk about your mental health with friends and family, it can also be really hard to know what to say or do when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Make time for exercise to keep your brain healthy You don’t have to go to the gym all day long, but don’t let yourself get too comfortable with just sitting on the couch or [...]


Fitness training options in Ibiza

When it comes to finding the best way to practice fitness in Ibiza there are many options. You can go to a regular gym where you purchase a membership and walk in and out whenever you like on the times when the gym is open. The opposite is that you book a personal trainer for that extra push or to train effectively due to your tailor made program. The plus is that you decide your own days and times [...]