9 fitness Instagrams you must follow

At The Workout Club Ibiza we always inspire our family members. When you are a addicted to instagram and you happen to train a lot, then you must follow these 9 Instagram profiles. You will be inspired, motivated and informed about the latest nutrition and fitness tips. The profiles are in random order. Let us know your favourite Instagrams profiles. fitness recipes http://instagram.com/fitness_recipes  fitness junkies http://instagram.com/fitness_junkie   health and clean life http://instagram.com/healthycleanleanlife   fat girl meets fit world http://instagram.com/fatgirl_meets_fitworld Healthy girl http://instagram.com/healthy_girl Ultimatebodies http://instagram.com/ultimatebodies nikkeelee http://instagram.com/nikkeelee Join the Ibiza outdoor gym community Created with one mission; to [...]


Intermittent Fasting in Ibiza

Isn’t it amazing how many new diets are constantly coming onto the scene? They all sound great, don’t they? And they work….well, for a while!!! Do you need to diet? If you follow a calorie-restricted diet, you will lose weight…guaranteed. But the problem is, most of us do not possess the will-power or the dedication to follow such a restrictive and intrusive lifestyle for more than a few weeks at a time, and here at The Workout Club Ibiza, we say [...]