Case Study: Louise her fat loss journey with TWC Ibiza part 3

So this week was a weird one. I have quit smoking for 3 weeks now and mentally feel great about it. I have picked up a cough and a cold this week, so have generally been feeling a bit s*****! Monday was a terrible day for me and I just wanted to hide under my duvet and ignore everyone. So I skipped TWC. Halfway through the session I get a fb message from Virgil saying “Louise this is your conscience, [...]


Diary of a Personal Trainer in Ibiza: Episode 1

We love to share all the adventures we have whilst running TWC-Ibiza, our personal training business in Ibiza. There are funny, inspiring and motivating stories that we think you will enjoy. Let’s go with the first episode of a personal trainer in Ibiza. Great Hotel you stay in! In the summer season everything changes in Ibiza. Beautiful people emerge and the island transforms into the epic centre of dance lovers and sun worshippers. Some people even stay for a couple of [...]


This is how we squat at TWC-Ibiza

Do you want to have a behind like Beyonce but you don’t know where to begin? Well in this post we would like to talk about the squat. Are you ready to boogie…? The best kept secret to get a firm behind lies in something we all know but hardly ever do. The squat builds strong legs and a beautiful toned butt. But before you head toward the nearest gym and start squatting, make sure that you find a qualified [...]