How a burning desire can help you reach your goals.

Do you find it hard to finish what you’ve started? Do you struggle to reach your fitness or life goals? No worries, we all know the feeling of quitting and feeling remorse afterwards. But what can you do to reach your set goals? We hope this post will inspire you to find your reason ‘WHY’. The Story of Maya At the Workout Club Ibiza we help hundreds of people every year with their life and fitness goals. And each and every [...]


3 exercises you need in the morning to kickstart your day

Are you stiff when you get out of bed? Do you feel you have been hit by a truck? Just like your mind, your body needs to wake up as well. In this post we share 3 exercises with you that will kickstart your body for the rest of the day.. First things first The moment you get out of bed, the first thing you do is say to yourself  “This is going to be a fantastic day.”Live by this mantra [...]


An interview with Laura Jane, The Rawtarian

We are firm believers that well balanced nutrition, exercise and a proper mindset are key to living a healthy lifestyle. We’d love to introduce Laura-Jane The Rawtarian. Laura-Jane shines a whole new light on the raw food lifestyle. Her website explodes, her book is very successful and she has thousands of fans around the world. We are so proud that she found the time to do an interview with us. Let’s hear what she has to say…. 1. Laura-Jane, thank you [...]