5 ways to lose weight for your Ibiza Holiday

There are many diets, fitness trends and training programs out there. Where do you start? In this post we would love to share 5 ways to kickstart your weight loss and get you swimsuit ready for your holiday to Ibiza. Are you ready to change? Mindset Goal setting is one of the most important goals. If you don’t know where you are heading, reaching your fitness goals will be very hard. Get your end goal in clear sight and start working [...]


An interview with Laura Jane, The Rawtarian

We are firm believers that well balanced nutrition, exercise and a proper mindset are key to living a healthy lifestyle. We’d love to introduce Laura-Jane The Rawtarian. Laura-Jane shines a whole new light on the raw food lifestyle. Her website explodes, her book is very successful and she has thousands of fans around the world. We are so proud that she found the time to do an interview with us. Let’s hear what she has to say…. 1. Laura-Jane, thank you [...]