About-Me-Logo2A little bit about her

Gabriela is a beautiful person full of optimism, peppery, clever and fearless, she is the pure element. Gabi, as she is called by friends, is one of the few trainers who can smile and tell you politely that you need to go harder. Gabi specialises in bringing the best out of you with creative and fun training programs. The kettlebell, TRX, Bossu Ball and bodyweight exercises are no stranger to her and she will use those tools to get you to your ultimate fitness goal.

Gabriela’s Journey

Gabriella started at TWC-Ibiza as a client, so she knows exactly how it is to be on the other side. After 3 years of training with us in San Antonio, her talent and open spirit made us wonder if she would not make a great trainer. Gabi decided to become a trainer and after a intensive PT course and internship at TWC-Ibiza, she became one of the pillars of our organisation.

Gabi will gently but firmly motivate you to move better, grow stronger and become the best version of yourself that you can be. And when she takes a break from all this hardcore motivating, you will find her living in a van and surfing the waves.

Don’t let her kind appearance fool you, she will make you sweat!”

Gabriela’s believes; “The best project you will work on is you”

Is today the day you will start changing?

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