About-Me-Logo2A little bit about her

They sometimes call her Miss Organise and Multi-tasker is her middle name. She is sparkling, funny, intelligent, sharp, very professional and a lady of this world. Marisa manages the coaches, admin team, bookkeepers, technical staff and members’ needs with one hand, whilst the other hand is organising events with a keen eye for detail. Marisa is the beating heart of TWC-Ibiza and will leave no stone unturned. When she wants something she makes sure she gets it by working hard and with enormous willpower. You are in great hands when Marisa is taking care of you.

Marisa’s Journey

After many years in the hospitality branch managing a large team of employees, she found a new career as marketing & communication manager for a company which operates sports venues. So when Virgil and Marisa decided to start their second new business it was no surprise that she became manager of her own sports company. 

Marisa is the beating heart of TWC-Ibiza and will leave no stone unturned.”

She loves Ibiza but also travels back and forth to Amsterdam, the city where she comes from and where she awakens her creative mind which she uses at work at TWC-Ibiza or at Virgil and Marisa’s other company, Ibiza Inside. 

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