About-Me-Logo2A little bit about her

Marjolein has the reputation that her sessions are hardcore! You will hate and love her at the same time. But her strength is that she manages to read people’s needs. When necessary she pushes you a little more, but when you need a gentle touch she will give it to you. Marjolein is an example for all post pregnancy mothers. She gained 20 kilos but is now as fit as she was at the age of….well you guess! Combine this determination with a sparkly and energetic power and you will start exercising like crazy!

Marjolein’s Journey

From the age of 4 Marjolein has been into sports. She turned out to be a fairly good tennis player participating in national championships. Training 5 days a week in her youth was normal and instead of going out with friends, she chose to go training.

She embraces kickboxing, as she finds this sport an amazing combination of strength, conditioning and technique. “It’s extremely difficult to learn to kickbox and it will take years to learn it properly. Kickboxing shows me so many metaphors for life.” Now it’s time that Marjolein will help you to become the new super you

She started with a tennis racket that was bigger than herself!

Marjolein’s mission? “Work hard or go home”!

Is today the day you will start changing?

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