We practice in functional training systems

Why the Russian Kettlebell?

We practice in functional training systems. The Russian Kettlebell is a tool that is more than 300 years old. The beauty of the canon ball with horns is that when you exercise you use every muscle in the body at the same time. That means that with one exercise you are able to work every major muscle group in your body. In order to lift weight effectively you need to have proper posture and spine alignment.

The great benefit of our Kettlebell training system is that we put a huge focus on posture and proper spine alignment so you will move better, get rid of nagging injuries while also reaching your fitness goals. All these combined with the breathing and the strength concepts make the Kettlebell a perfect tool to lose weight, tone up and gain strength.


Do I only train with the Kettlebell at TWC?

Absolutely not! You always should vary your training and training tools. The concepts of the Russian Kettlebell are applicable on the TRX, the sandbag, resistance bands, Battle Rope, boxing conditioning, Bossu and even to bodyweight exercises. So we will make sure to vary your training and training load every 4 to 6 weeks. Our highly qualified trainers coach you every step of the way towards achieving your personal goals.

The Workout Club Ibiza offers a variety of membership packages tailored to fit your individual needs. No client is the same and we all have different responses to different training environments. You can drop-in as a holiday-maker, or start a trial program when you are a for resident, we will suggest a program that fits you best, suits your needs and delivers the quickest results.

What can I expect?

Our sessions operate by the same template, but we vary the load and the exercises to create a ‘surprise’ element for the body. The moment the body gets used to a type of load, we shock it again by changing the program.


We believe that time is precious. That’s why in our conditioning programs we make use of the High Intensity Interval Training, often used by professional athletes. This form of exercise is not only time efficient and highly effective, it can easily be integrated without any equipment at all.

HIIT involves brief but intense bursts of activity alternated with a brief rest or ‘recovery’ period, and repeated a number of times. HIIT increases your endurance, burns body fat and improves your overall well-being.

What does the research show?

  • Just 2 weeks of HIIT improves your aerobic capacity as much as 6 to 8 weeks of endurance training (Gibala, 2011)
  • HIIT increases metabolism and boosts your level of growth hormone (by 771%!), more than traditional training which means you burn more fat in less time (Paoli, 2012, Boutcher, 2011;Tremblay,1994, Mercola, 2012).
  • An Australian study showed in a study between two exercise groups that only the HIIT exercise group lost abdominal fat (fat around the internal organs) and lost 3 times more fat than the normal exercise group.
  • A 2012 study on the effects of HIIT on diabetes showed improved blood sugar regulation for 24 hours after just one session.
  • A study with heart patients showed increased cardiovascular health without any negative effects from the short bursts of intense activity.

We are ready to help shred your body fat and give you the tone of a professional athlete

Strength training

We believe strength should be present regardless of sex or age. Man and woman will both benefit from having strength. Strength (also known as weight or resistance) training helps you getting stronger, increase your metabolic function and reduces your risk of injury. A nice side effect is that it shapes and structures your muscles and therefore you will get that beautiful tone. We have tried and tested our strength program that we use in all the sessions that will get you in shape and flat in no time. To build strength we use different tools which are challenging and fun at the same time.

What does a session at TWC-Ibiza look like?

A typical workout at The Workout Club Ibiza always starts with a dynamic warm up. We don’t like to waste time so we combine strength and warm up exercises into one. The warm up is for most people, who are not familiar with our system, already a workout on its own. Your heart rate will go up and you’ll get prepared for exercise, both physically and mentally. After the warm up we always start with the strength part of the session. We want you to be relatively fresh when you are building your strength. The conditioning part comes after the strength training and we end with a cooling down to bring your heart rate back to normal again and which gives your muscles the time to relax. You will already become stronger in your first two weeks of your training..

When you have the gift of strength and good posture you are set to have a long and healthy lifestyle.