When to workout after flu 

After recovering from the flu, it’s time to get back into exercising. But be aware that it takes time for your immune system to get back up to speed after infection. You’ll probably feel tired and run down for at least two weeks.

Before you start working out make sure you don’t have symptoms like fever, breathlessness at rest or a cough.. Don’t you have any symptoms anymore? Then you can start working out. Do make sure you dive in slowly and work at your own pace.

Start slowly

Don’t overdo it when you start to exercise again. You should ease back into exercise gradually by using light weights and lower reps until your body is ready to handle more strenuous exercise without injury.

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Choose your routine

Don’t expect to jump back into your normal workout routine. Consider taking it a bit more easy. Go for a walk or ride an exercise bike. These  are both low-impact activities that can help rebuild your stamina. Also a yoga class is probably a good way to get in some movement if you’re still feeling tired!

Take care of your body

With every recovery it is important to get enough rest and sleep. Take care of your body with proper nutrition and sure you’re hydrated when you workout

Everyone is unique. Do you want to have personal advice or a program that specifically benefits your needs? Send us a message or give us a call! We are happy to help.

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