How to workout in Ibiza? All it takes is just 15 minutes a day.

Is there a magic formula to get in shape? Is it really possible to train a short amount of time and still get fantastic results? Unfortunately the answer is NO! But if you really can not find the time to train 3 times a week for at least 45 min then this is a way to maintain your fitness level. Are you ready to sweat?

The Warm up

First start with a proper warm up of the body.  Start by jogging on spot after 40 seconds raise your knees high one by one to a 90 degree angle. Pull your elbows back while you raise one of the knees.  After 40 sec. do fast bodyweight squads for another 40 sec.  Repeat everything for 3 rounds.

The airborne Lunge

In our personal training session we love to torture our clients with this brutal one-legged exercise. Are you ready to give it a go? You start by standing on one leg while the other leg is bent backwards in a 90-degree angle.  You reach forward with two arms and push your hip back. Make sure your heel stays planted on the floor.  Your shins remain nearly vertical. You never let your knee pass your toe. The aim is to get you bended knee on the floor. No worries if you do not reach it the first time.  Just keep on practicing. Now imagine that you push the floor away with your feet and you stand tall again. Make sure you have one line from your ear till your ankle. Tense your whole body while standing tall. 5 reps on your left leg and 5 reps on your right. We already say sorry for the muscle ache that you will feel in your bum and legs.

The Leopard Crawl

A lot of people in The Workout Club Ibiza family really dislike this exercise. It is very simple but so tough on the body. And that is a good thing right. If you don’t have the time then you better make every exercise 400% efficient. You start on hands and knees. Your hands are directly under your shoulder. Get your knees off the ground for just 2 cm. Look forward to ensure a natural curve in your lower back. And all you do is crawl forward. 5 steps forward and then 5 steps back try to go 6 times up and down.

Hanging leg raises

Only when I hear the name I feel my abs hurting. All you need is something to hang from. This is the deal hang with your arm stretched from something you can find use your imagination. Now raise your knees to chest height while hanging on your arms. Repeat this 15 times. It will hurt a lot but it will be effective.

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The Push Up

Simple and effective when done right. You start of on hands and toes. Your hands are directly under your shoulders. And in the famous words of strength and conditioning coach Dan John “Think of your body as one unit”  You have an imaginary line running from your ears until your ankle. Tense your legs, glutes, abs and push your shoulders away from your ears. Do you feel the force flowing my young padawan? The only thing that bends is your elbows. Bring your chest 2 cm above the floor and push up. Anything else does not count as a push up in the TWC-Ibiza family. And ladies no we do not do push-ups on the knees here at The Workout Club Ibiza. If you can not push up yet, assume the high plank position. Bring yourself to the floor and help yourself back up. Repeat for 10 to 12 repetitions.

A summary

Warm Up

–       Jog on spot 40 sec
–       High knees for 40 sec.
–       Body weight squats 40 sec

Repeat this circuit 3 times

Airborne Lunge 5x left 5 times right
The Leopard Crawl 5 steps forward 5 steps backwards
Hanging leg raises 10-15 reps
Push Ups 10 -12 reps

Repeat this circuit 3 times

Well, here you have it your short workout program for the very busy holidaymaker, entrepreneur, or just the lazy people in Ibiza and the rest of the world. Now go and get in shape. And when you are in need of some real life or online coaching you can find us right here.

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